Be my Fallen Angel

“You call this music?” I asked, looking out over the city. Andy took a breath and shook his head, leaning back on his hand. “Nope. I call this breathing. I call this living. This is what I do. Black Veil Brides is my everything,” He said, turning his head to face me. “To others, it is music, and your argument is invalid.”
* * *
Karma Evans knew a lot about everything; She has an eidetic memory and her Saturday nights are spent competing in spelling bees, but there's this one word that she never remembered nor got right. Fun. She was anything but fun. One night, her friend Rory convinced her to come to a Black Veil Brides concert with her. That one night... That's all it took to turn everything around.


4. Bunny slippers wearing makeup

I fell asleep somehow, but I woke up just in time for their ending speech. The crowd gave one more heartfelt shout at the now empty stage. The space around started clearing out, going back to their cars and group huddles, leaving the place in dozens. Some people were buzzing around the stage in hope to meet the members. Rory grabbed my hand and tugged me towards them, the band peeking at everyone from behind the curtains before walking out cautiously and squatting down in front of us, signing autographs, blowing kisses, sending video messages to fans that couldn’t make it. Andy was having a conversation with a couple of fans in rave outfits when we approached him. He glanced over at us midsentence, mouth still open. He paused and turned back to the girls in the costumes, the corner of his lips threatening to break into a grin. After they left, he waited for us to take a step closer and say hello. So we did, and instead if saying hello back, he said, “What’s with the pj’s?” I looked down at my outfit and shrugged, looking back up at him. “What’s with the makeup?” I snap back. Rory elbowed me in the ribs in signal for me to shut up. He smirked at her and shook his head. “No it’s okay, she has a point.” He said simply, although I could hear the sass in his voice. His attention went back on me. “Jealous I could do it better than you?” Oh hell no. I place my hands on my hips and raised an eyebrow. “Honey, that isn’t makeup. You look like you just rolled around in an oil spill.” I say. He narrowed his clear blue eyes and sneered. “Good one. Nice bunny slippers by the way. Makes you look real mature.” He nodded sarcastically, flashing me a thumbs up. “Well you’re wearing makeup.” I restate. “And you’re wearing bunny slippers.” He said again.

“Makeup is worse.”

“Uh, no, Bunny slippers are.”

“Makeup.” I say again, voice firm.

“Slippers.” He challenged.

“Makeup!” I say louder.

“Slippers!” He said in the same tone.

“MAKEUP!” I shout, cheeks now flushed.

He laughed, finding me pathetic. “Ha, no, slippers.”

Rory stared at me, knowing I was ready to curse him out. She placed a hand on my shoulder and shook her head. “STOP! Bunny slippers wearing makeup, happy?! Bunny slippers wearing makeup is immature. Just shut up!” She exclaimed. Andy and I both blinked simultaneously and turned to face her. “Did you just tell me to shut up?” Andy asked. “And did you just say bunny slippers wearing makeup?” I asked. She huffed, and shook the hair out of her face. “Yes.” She answered. “And ohmigod Andy, I’m sorry, that just came out, I still love you.” She added quickly. He nodded slowly and put his knees down, his legs hanging off the stage. “This one seems to hate me.” He told her, pointing at me. “Why’s she here than?” She glanced over at me and bit her lip, eyes darting back to Andy. “Err, I kinda dragged her along. She doesn’t really like rock… I didn’t think she’d start a hissy fit though!” She explained. I rolled my eyes. “It wasn’t a hissy fit… She only came because you’re cute!” I spat out. A look of amusement spilled over his face. He set his water bottle down and crossed his arms. “I’m cute?” He asked me. I blinked and replayed what I said in my head. “She thinks you’re cute. I think you’re annoying.” I said simply. “But you didn’t say I wasn’t cute.” He stuck out his hands, the right one crossed over the left. “I’m Andy. You are?” He looked from one of us to the other, waiting for an answer. “Aurora. Call me Rory.” She said, shaking one of his hands. I kept my hands on my hips, looking at him with disgust. “Karma.” I introduced myself. He closed up his right hand after I refused to shake it, and bit back a grin. “Your name’s Karma? I see why. You’re a bitch.” He said pointblank. I widened my eyes and stared at him in shock. “Excuse me?!” I asked. He jumped down from the stage and gave Rory a hug. “Nice meeting you.” He told her politely, pulling away to circle around me. He scanned me up and down before stopping in front of me to say, “I’ll be in town for a while. I’ll make sure to blast rock through the streets just to annoy you, in case we bump into each other again.” He bumped my shoulder, which spun me around to watch him back away. “Bye now!” He waved and disappeared, leaving Rory giving me a lovely what-the-fuck-is-wrong-with-you face.

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