Be my Fallen Angel

“You call this music?” I asked, looking out over the city. Andy took a breath and shook his head, leaning back on his hand. “Nope. I call this breathing. I call this living. This is what I do. Black Veil Brides is my everything,” He said, turning his head to face me. “To others, it is music, and your argument is invalid.”
* * *
Karma Evans knew a lot about everything; She has an eidetic memory and her Saturday nights are spent competing in spelling bees, but there's this one word that she never remembered nor got right. Fun. She was anything but fun. One night, her friend Rory convinced her to come to a Black Veil Brides concert with her. That one night... That's all it took to turn everything around.



My ears were ringing. Hours and hours of this stuff on blast, it was hard for them not to. My neighbors were at it again, having their weekly jam sessions; typical Friday night. Tonight’s theme was rock and roll. A day to remember was pounding through their speakers so loud, that not even earplugs and a set of earmuffs could block the sound out. I huffed in frustration and rested my chin on my hands, eyes scanning over the piece of unfinished work that was In front of me. I needed some quiet. I sat there silently for about a minute or two more when suddenly I heard screaming and growling, the worst of its kind, pouring in through the walls, almost shaking the thumbtacks off the bulletin boards. Black Veil Brides… That’s what they were called.  I made a face and pushed away from my desk, standing up and making my way to the window, lifting it up, the music only getting louder. It was freezing, but I didn’t mind at the time, I just wanted the so called music to stop. I set up my own speakers, plugged my iPod in, and turned it up on full volume. Two could play it this game. The lead singer of the band was in the middle of screaming when he was interrupted by the sudden burst of Beethoven’s moonlight sonata. “SUCK IT!” I shouted, glaring at the side of their house until the screaming faded out. “Sorry brah!” One of the neighbors called out. I simply ignored it and let Beethoven continue playing. I flopped down on my bed, praying silently that Black Veil Brides wouldn’t be stuck in my head later.

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