the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


15. why?

 I saw a big Arena I still can’t believe that he has come so far with his life and I’m just the girl he knocked up. Does he even love me anymore?

Me: Niall?

Niall: what babe?

Me:  I got one question. Why did you come back to Mullingar?

Niall: because I missed you and my mum too much.

Me: just shut up we both know that isn’t true

Niall: what are you talking about babe?

Me: I’m … nothing and your becoming a big star so why me?

Niall: Because I have always loved you and I didn’t want to break up with you back then but it was the management who wanted me to!

Me: so you did it for the management? I… I need to go.

 I walked out of the concert arena to a small lounge I needed to think. Could he really love me? What if the the management did this one more time would he just do what they wanted him to? Would he just break up with me again? Its already hard enough that I’m  pregnant with his child but if he dumped me once again I didn’t know how I was going to raise our little baby girl on my own.

I felt two strong arms wrapped around me when I opened my eyes again. It was not Niall but this time it was Harry.

Me: what do you want? Harry

Harry: I wanted to tell you that he really loves you, and he wanted to go look for you. but the others meant that it would be dumb since you was so upset that it would make him upset to and that wouldn’t be good right before a show.

Me: thanks Harry. I was just thinking before you came. I just needed it I mean it’s hard to do that in a tour bus sometimes.

Harry: yeah well please go in again and show Niall that you’re okay if you are.

Me: I’m not sure that im okay though because he dumped me because of the management who says he wont do that again if they tell him to?

Harry: I promise you that niall wont dump you again because of the management and if he does then I don’t know what’s left of him. After I had a talk with him.


Me: thanks Harry. I  will come in a  minute I promise. 

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