the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


9. the school

2 hours later

we're on our way to Carlies school. i was so exited to show her the other boys, because she had so many things about them in her locker. we met her principal and told him why she was coming with us instead of staying at home with our mum. after the bell rang we hurried up and walked to her classroom. she was standing with some of her friends, she was pointing at us.

Niall: Hi Carlie

Carlie: Hiii Nialler.

 the other boys were signing some autographs and taking some pictures with some of there fans.

Me: hey guys please come here and say hi to my sister and her real friends.

Harry: sorry girls we have to do what she says, we're going on tour with her and niall says that she ain't fun to be around when she angry.

all the girls turned sad because he said that i was touring with them and he had to go.

Louis: hi i'm louis can i ask you something?

Carlie: sure 

Louis: do you have any carrots?

Carlie: no sorry louis but i don't like carrots so why should i have some carrots?

Me: hey young lady i said you should be nice to them, so be nice and louis really loves Carrots

Carlie: sorry louis but i don't  got any carrots.

Louis: its fine i was just joking anyway

all the students were starring at my belly, why couldn't  they just lookthe other way or at my face. it felt like it wasn't normal to be pregnant. well it's normal to be pregnant but its not every day that the baby has a famous daddy.

Niall: babe you look a little worried what's  wrong?

Me: nothin it just seems like everyone is looking at my belly.

Niall: Don't worry babe they aren't looking at your belly they are looking at my hand thats planted around your waist, but if you don't like them looking at it then i can remove me arm

Me: no please let your arm stay around me i feel so save when its there.

he looked right into my eyes like he was gonna kiss me but then we were interrupted by Carlie

Carlie: when are we going shopping?

Niall: relax Carlie we are gonna have the time to shop at our first stop but we don't have the time to shop now  'cause we have to get away from here now before they start calling their friends and starts hating your sister on twitter.

Carlie: fine, but where is the first stop?

Louis: umm... i forgot... liam where is our first concert?

Liam: umm.. its in london i think.

Carlie: okay london is a nice city so the stores are beautiful as well.


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