the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


6. the doctor

we drove in louis' car whie my dad was watching the other boys. we got there just in time cause as we got in they caled my name. Niall and i waked in together and it seemed like everyone knew who Niall was, we were the center of everyones eyes cause they were starring at us.

the doctor:  is this the father? 

Me: yes... yes he is!

Niall: well i hope im not to trouplish 

The doctor: who is the other guy? 

Me: oh he's just a good friend with a car.

The doctor: fine let's  get started: 

the doctor started checking our baby, after about 30 minutes he was done and said that every thing was fine with our little babygirl. As we was walking to the car i saw my teacher Miss young , she was walking over to us.

Ms. young: Hello lea is that the father?

Me: hi miss young and you actually know him!

Ms. young: hi ... niall?

Niall: ... hi miss young.

i could see that Niall was a little nervous so i thought i should say something. 

Me: so... miss young are you pregnant to? 

Ms. young: umm... yeah but the father wont have it so im a single mum. 

Me: oh i'm so sorry... i didn't know but im so sorry that we have to go now before the boys split my house apart. 

Ms. young: okay bye then...

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