the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


8. the Call to Carlie

Niall: why don't you call her with the good news?

Me: yeah i should do that.

Calling carlie (sister).

Carlie: why are you calling me during my school time ?

Me: i have some good news. "i smiled so much that all the guys was laughing at me exept Niall he knew why i was smiling.

Carlie: what is it? its not anything with some new break fast you got is it ?

Me: no its not. We're going on tour with one direction! 

Carlie: WHAT??? that can't be true 

Me: but it is! guys please shout to her "puppy eyes"

The boys: Hi Carlie we're one direction. 

Carlie : was that them? 

Me:  yes it was 

Carlie: what about mum? 

Me: she said it would be goos for you.

Carlie: let me guess you haven't told her yet

Me: no i haven't and i'm not going to but do you really want to be with her or do you wan't to be with One Direction and me ........ and your niece?

Carlie: you and what do you mean about niece? 

Me: Niall can explain it...

Niall: what can i explain? 

Me: "puppy eyes" please explain to her that i'm pregnant and that's why we're going with you on tour

Carlie: hello is there any body there??? 

Niall: umm.. yeah hi Carlie 

Carlie: hi Niall... is she pregnant?

Niall: yes she is and its kinda my child. Do you want to travel the world with one direction and your sister and your niece?

Carlie: of course who do you think i am ? but when are we driving?

Niall: tonight i think but i depends of the traffic 

Carlie: can i come home to pack now? 

Niall: umm... i'll ask your sister. Baabe 

Me: what ? 

Niall: she's asking if she can come home to pack some of her clothes

Me: sweet heart please give me the phone

Carlie: Niall are you there?

Me: no its me lea and you can't come home because then you cant say goodbye to your classmates and if you stay in school i can ask niall if we can bye you new clothes later 

Carlie: fine i'll stay here but please come and pick me up here. and i can't wait to meet the boys 

Me: you have met niall may times before. Before he got famousebut the other boys are like Nialls brothers so please be nice to them.

Carlie: okay but i have to go my teacher says im needed in the class bye . BYE GUYS.

Me: auch my ear and bye sweetie. im going to pack a little of your clothes.

Carlie: fine just a little BUT not any clothes from the top drawer that's where i hide my ugly clothes. 

Me: bye niall's saying he loves you as a sister and the other boys can't wait to pick you up with me. 

After the call to carlie i was so happy 'cause i couldn't just leave her here.

Louis: was she happy about it?

Niall: i think so but i didn't talk to her that much, was she happy babe?

Me: yes but i kinda promised her that we could buy her new clothes and can you help me with that? 

Niall: sure she can have all the clothes she wants.

Me: you don't have to do it if you don't want to.

Niall: I want to help you out !

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