the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


5. the baby surprise

Niall: babe can i tell them?

Me:  yes but you don't have to give me money to rays it 

Niall: guys lea is pregnant with my child. he looked happy when he said it 

Harry: can i watch it if you guys need a break from the baby?

Me and Niall together: NO HARRY

Harry: why not?

Niall: because  you have a habit of getting naked all the time and if its a girl she have to see your penis.

Me: Niall?

Niall: what babe? 

Me: its a girl i got it checked last month, but i'm late for my doctors appointment so you have to go now.

Louis: i can drive you and Niall if you want me to that.

Me: can you drive fast? 

Louis: sure but can i watch the baby if you get a day of?

Me: is he good with kids Niall? 

Niall: yes he is he has four sisters 

Me:  fine you can watch her.but only uncle louis okay! i watched the boys who had a face that was a question mark.


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