the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info



3 days later...

we were on our way to Nandos because we didn't have the time for break fast, and Niall and the Baby needs it so we had to go there and maybe bring some food to the concert.

we arrived at Nandos and niall walked ovet to open my door but i just stepped out of the car before he could get over to the door.

Niall: are you okay? babe.

Me: yes i'm fine, i'm just a bit tired that's all...

Niall: well if you don't wanna talk about it now then we're gonna talk about it now, then we're gonna talk about it later.

Me: Niall please don't worry its nothing 

Niall: lea please stop it. if you start thinking like this we won't be good parent's

well why shouldn't we be good parent's just because i don't wanna tell him that i wanna puke? 

Me: fine i'll tell you after the performance okay? 

Niall: I can't wait until then.  I wanna know what's wrong now!

Me: Niall for god sake please wait its something i have to think about okay

Niall: why do you have to think about it? 

Me:  Niall please...

i walked away from him because i didn't really need this right now i was just tired and felt like i had to puke but thats all... 

I know that he's just trying to do the best for me and the baby but its just to much sometimes. we walked into NANDOS, there were so many fangirls they all just wanted Niall's autograph or pictures with him, but then there were a girl who wanted to have a picture of me and Niall together. It was really weird because none of his fans ever wanted me to be in the picture, they normally just wanted me gone.

Niall: Babe are you alright? 

Me: Niall would you please stop asking me that? 

Niall: sorry babe i just don't want you to be at NANDOS if you fee bad

Me:  it's fine sweetie im just a bit grumpy today, so please stop asking if i'm okay ever 5 minutes 


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