the secret ( a niall horan love story ) *ON BREAK*

its a fanfiction about my bestfreind lea and niall horan
its lea thats pregnant and its nialls child what will she do?
read more for info


10. fame didn't change me!


As we were on our way to the managements buildning we just couldn't wait to get on tour with the boys.

Niall and I was sitting in the back of Louis' car and Carlie was sitting by my other side, she was holding me hand and she looked tired

Me: Carlie if you're tired then get some sleep. 

Carlie: how can I sleep when I'm with 5 wonderful boys who are gonna change my life totally. 

Me: they are still gonna be there when you wake up this isn't a dream.

Carlie: fine...

She fell asleep five minutes later and she woke up, when Harry were yelling at Louis to stop tickling him. Well is this my new life with the boys?  Louis and Harry screaming at each other and Liam being the  daddy direction we all know and love. Zayn being in love with his mirror and Niall being the incredible boyfriend, that i was together with before he tried out, for the X factor and then forgot about me. When he got famous. well this is my new family and i'll love them  to death tear us apart. 

When we got to niall's appartment, we all stepped out of the the bus and got our luggage out. We  just got into this really HUGE appartment, it was the biggest and most clean appartment i had ever seen. I couldn't even catch my breath, because I was affraid that if i did i might break something. 

Niall: babe are you okay? 

Me: yeah I'm just a bit overwhelmed that's all.

Niall: yeah I know its a bit big but its so perfect.  

Carlie: wow I love this its great. 

I  walked to her and she just wanted to rub my belly so I let her 

2 hours later

I looked at nialls room it was so huge, there was a kingsize bed a little bed light on a little table besides the bed it was all black and white.

when I turned around I saw Niall standing by the door. 

Niall: hey sweetie are you tired?

Me: a bit but I...

I was interupted by Niall's lips on mine, it  felt so right i had missed him so much but right now he was squezzing our little girl so i had to step back. 

Niall: I missed you so much 

Me: i missed you to, but you had to follow your dream and kinda forget about me and I understand why you did it. I know that I'm not the most fun person to be around and I'm not the most beautiful girl in the world. 

He looked at me with sad eyes.

Niall: babe stop it! I never forgot about you. I tought about you every second I was away from you. just ask the guys how much i talked about you and in my eyes are you the most beautiful girl on earth. I will love you to i die! 

Me: But what about your fame and your fans?

Niall: Fame didn't change me at all. My fans would be a little jealous but if they really are my fans they would be happy if I'm happy with you.

We walked out to the kitchen because my stomach started growling and I knew that Niall was allways hungry. I mean he ate about 3 burgers on our way to London and now he's still hungry.

we just stood there and was looking at each other. When we were interupted, by my sister who was screaming at Zayn and Liam, that they should leave her stuff alone. I ran into the guestroom that she was sleeping in. I saw Zayn taking one of her brahs and through it across the room so it landed on Liam's face. he screamed like a little girl. he has seen brah's before so what's the matter? 

Me: why are you guys teasing my little sister?

Zayn: because she's fun to fool around with

Me: just stop it she isn't that funny to tease. i used to do it when were younger.

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