Carrot brothers

The hit music sensation One Direction is now assassins. They have many adventures in which they hunt down Cody Simpson. In the process they come across a foot fairy who bestows upon them a beautiful princess that they fall madly in love with. They get married and at the wedding their is a cheese fountain and some unexpected party crashers. This page turning epic novel is a story readers will never, like ever, forget.


5. The wedding

So Harry and Dory sent out the invitations to everyone they knew. 743 invitations. Everyone came that day to celebrate. Zayn was the best man, niall was the flower boy, Dorys friend angellee was the ring barrior, louis was the brides maid, liam was the other brides maid, and thor was the priest. Right in the middle if the wedding, Justin Bieber showed up yelling "No! I love Dory, Harry is no good for her! I love Dory!" everyone gasped at the sight of this. Even Cody Simpson thought this was crazy. "what you are having an affair with Justin Bieber? I don't believe this!" Harry yelled. " What are you talking about I don't even know who this is!" she yelled through her tears of fear. Everyone was staring at her. She got beat red in the face and ran out of the room crying and into the car and drove home as quick as she could and unlocked the door, slammed it behind her and ran off to her room. By now she was bawling her eyes out.
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