Carrot brothers

The hit music sensation One Direction is now assassins. They have many adventures in which they hunt down Cody Simpson. In the process they come across a foot fairy who bestows upon them a beautiful princess that they fall madly in love with. They get married and at the wedding their is a cheese fountain and some unexpected party crashers. This page turning epic novel is a story readers will never, like ever, forget.


1. The disguised carrot

He was playing it cool. He started looking at her. He wasn't able to figure it out. He knew for sure though, he was a bad assassin. Harry then came back to reality and continued his search for the perfect bra size. He was depressed to find he wasn't a c cup. In the background he could hear Niall asking "where are you Harry?" Harry let out a large reply "I'm in the bra section!" when Niall found him he questioned,"What in the name of Siomon Cowell are you doing in Victoria's Secret?" Harry then said to him,"They have the best selection of bras and yoga pants that will flatter my figure."

They were walking in the mall when Harry disappeared and Louis found him and asked "why are you being a carrot bro?!" Harry thought to himself they must not know I'm an assassin! And there for he said to him "No, I'm trying to be a pineapple!" then Zayn said "No bro, this is how you be a pineapple!" then Niall walks by and Harry yells at him "Bro! Hide yo muffin!" Niall was the fat one out of the band because he ate, ALOT! The boys tried to put him on a diet before but Niall would just hide food in different places. The guys never found out until their living conditions were infested by nice. This caused them all to realize there was no point to even try putting Niall on a diet.

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