Carrot brothers

The hit music sensation One Direction is now assassins. They have many adventures in which they hunt down Cody Simpson. In the process they come across a foot fairy who bestows upon them a beautiful princess that they fall madly in love with. They get married and at the wedding their is a cheese fountain and some unexpected party crashers. This page turning epic novel is a story readers will never, like ever, forget.


3. Lies

She called back that same night. Harry answered the phone saying "Hey sexy, hows your body workin?" obviously he was flirting with her which she didn't like. "Harry who are you talking to?" Liam asked "my mum" Harry said "why are you flirting with your mum?" Liam asked. "Because I feel like it! And that's between me and my mum!" He started talking on the phone again and walked outside. "Who do you think he was talking to?" Liam asked "Obviously his mum!" niall said "I think all that junk food you eat is getting to your head" Zayn said. Niall just rolled his eyes at him. "Maybe he's talking to that girl we met yesterday" Louis said.

Harry walked inside and everyone was silent. "So who was that?" Liam asked smiling at Harry. Harry stuttered. " Um. That. Was my mum? Ya my mum" "Come on bro you know you cant lie to us! Tell us who it was!" Louis yelled. "Was it that cute girl we met yesterday?" Zayn asked. "Umm maybe..... I don't know!" he laughed.

A couple of months passed by.....
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