Carrot brothers

The hit music sensation One Direction is now assassins. They have many adventures in which they hunt down Cody Simpson. In the process they come across a foot fairy who bestows upon them a beautiful princess that they fall madly in love with. They get married and at the wedding their is a cheese fountain and some unexpected party crashers. This page turning epic novel is a story readers will never, like ever, forget.


2. Joined assassins

They got in trouble because they were in the fountain and Zayn was singing "Everything is better down where its wetter in the fountain! Take it from me!"

They ended up in jail. Where they met Josh Hutchersonand Zayn fell madly in love with him. Jwoww was there with snooki. And in the corner of the cell, snooki was breast feeding her baby James Maslow. "lets all go to banana republic!" Louis yelled. He soon got beaten up for saying that, by James, from big time rush. Zayn keeps calling Josh, joshiepo. Then it got weird! The foot fairy showed up and she had to cure Liam's feet because they were too smelly. And then one directions mums had to bail them out of jail.

The next weeks they went to the mall again. But this time, they didn't get in trouble. They were all looking for girls. They found this girl with long blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes they have ever layed their eyes on. "Oh Henry!!!" they all yelled at once. When they would say oh Henry, that ment they saw someone good looking. "I call her!!" Harry yelled across the mall. The girl looked at them as if they were drunk or crazy. They all jumped on her as in the football players would pille on a football. "Well hello beautiful!" Harry said very proud. "I'm Harry and you must be?" "Dory, Dory Samuel" "I'm Niall, and I eat alot!" she raised one of her eyebrows looking confused. "Bro! Put yo muffin away or lose it!" Zayn said patting Nialls stomach. "Stop that! It tickles!" Niall yelled furiously! A few hours later when they were done talking, Harry secretly gave her his number and he kissed her on the cheek.
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