Carrot brothers

The hit music sensation One Direction is now assassins. They have many adventures in which they hunt down Cody Simpson. In the process they come across a foot fairy who bestows upon them a beautiful princess that they fall madly in love with. They get married and at the wedding their is a cheese fountain and some unexpected party crashers. This page turning epic novel is a story readers will never, like ever, forget.


4. Back to reality

So Harry invited the girl to their beach house. "Ohhh ho ho!!" Louis laughed "oh boy it's good to see you again!!" he said winking at her. "Hey! She's my girl back off!" Harry yelled. "Woah! No need to cry over it" Louis said. "Ha! I wasn't cryin!... Wait.. Are you callin me a baby?!" Harry said "well you are the youngest" Louis said "im 18!" Harry cried out. After their little fight was over Harry took Dory outside to see the sunset. "Wow, it's beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Just like you" Harry said. All of the boys were getting very jealous about Dory and Harry being together.

It came to be the next week and Harry was shopping for something very special for Dory. Him and Dory werent really going out.... Well... Not yet I should say. So anyways, Harry is shipping and he buys something for Dory to show his love a respect for her. "She going to love it!" Harry said excited.

Next week he invited Dory to the beach house. "Come on! I want to show you something!" Harry said grabbing her by the arm. "what is it?" she asked "you'll see, I think you would like it a lot!" so Harry took her outside and got down on one knee and pulled out a small box and opened it and said "Dory, will you marry me?" Harry asked "well, I don't know what to say, it's just to soon, I-I I don't know" "please, I really like you alot! And I was hoping you would say yes and-" she cut him off saying " yes yes yes a thousand times yes!" "but, I, thought, you say no" now Harry had a tear running down his cheek. "What I mean is, no then I felt so bad when u thought I was going to say yes so I changed my mind, I'm sorry" " so does this mean you will marry me?" she just smiled at him " so I'll take that as a yes?" Harry asked. She nodded her head.
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