They Don't Know About Us

Since the beginning, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles have been a rumored bromance. As One Direction's fanbase grows and grows, Larry Stylinson has been going over board, ruining Harry and Louis' friendship and Louis and Eleanor's relationship. Louis and Harry must state the truth about Larry before it causes One Direction to be no more...


3. The Truth

Harry's POV

Well, since everyone is dying to know, I might as well say something. This is how Larry Stylinson began. THE ONE AND ONLY STORY, the true story. Coming right from my mouth to your ears, so listen close because I'm not repeating anything.

On the X-Factor, I was honestly scared to death. Everyone was criticizing me, left and right. Before Simon announced One Direction, before we even formed, I met this kid named Louis Tomlinson. It was while I was singing one of my own songs that I've written.

"Hey babe, over there, show me what you want and I can make it happen. Hey girl, you're looking fair but more than that you're looking nice tonight!" I sang.

"Hey," Louis said in his thick accent. "Just wanted to let you know you're amazing." I smiled.

"Why thank you," I said. "And you too!"

"No I'm serious, you're really great. You know, people are telling me I sound like a girl? People are telling me I look gay? Yes, it's all true. People are coming at me from every which way! I didn't even do anything to them, they don't even know me!" he said back.

"You're telling me!" I replied. "People make fun of my hair. People are telling me that I need to use something for my acne. People are just so judgmental! And you're so right, they don't even know me!" Then, something clicked. I grabbed my guitar and sang, "They don't know about the things I've been through. They don't know about me and you. They don't know about my cat too--" 

Louis cut me off, "I mean, I hope they don't know much about you're cat. That would be kind of weird, don't you think? But, I do like the beginning part. This song should be a work-in-progress for you. I mean, you should really finish it!"

"I need Louis Tomlinson back stage now! Louis Tomlinson AKA number 22340!" A woman in a headset exclaimed.

"Well," he said. "That's me! See you soon!"

After that, it was awhile until we talked again. In fact, we didn't talk again until One Direction formed. "Hey, it's you again! You know, I never really got your name...."

"Harry, Harry Styles." I said

"Oh I get it! You're name is Harry because you're hairy! Like, I mean, like on your head..."

The whole group laughed. Eventually, Louis and I became great friends. We did basically everything together. Yes, we bought matching blankets. Yes, Louis grabs my crotch in some pictures. The REAL Directioners think it's hilarious and comment Larry jokes and what not. But, the haters are so rude and comment things like "Where do five gay guys go in this world? One direction!! HAHAA" And they think it's just sooooo funny but it reall is very hurtful. So for those of you who are reading this, it's the truth about Larry and how I feel!


AUTHOR'S NOTE- Hey guys it's Val, the author. Just letting you know that this whole chapter IS in fact COMPLETELY ficticious (fake). Before you comment any hate, be aware that this is just coming from my imagination!!

THANKS--Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

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