Lost In Time

Lost In Time is a tragic story. Read to find out.

(one direction fanfic)


1. Peace and Love

Coldness. Sorrow. Guilt. It all filled my head as i drove down the lonly road. Why didn't i answer, was i to afraid that what they might say was bad. Was it bad, or was he calling to tell me sorry he was late. I didn't know but blew it out of my head, for i had to get to my location. ''I wonder what the call was about, maybe a birthday party for me, wait no don't think of that, think of somthing else, don't ruin it'', i say to myself with joy. I can't help but wonder, who was it that called.


As i arived at my house, i could feel the sadness coming and as i glanced over to my right, their was a millitary car in my drive way. No this could not be happening, not now. I ran up to the door and bust it open quick, silence filled the house, my friend Katie emerg's from the kitchen, followed by two men in military dress uniforms. I was right, dead right. ''No, no, this is not happening'', i say and fall to the floor balling, ''it's ok'', Katie says and runs up to me, ''when'', i said looking up at them, my heart dieing in my chest, ''your father was on his last mission, when he got hit with a bomb'', the other one says and pulls out a paper, ''this is for his survice'', he says, a single tear going down his cheek, ''thank you for coming but i think you should leave'', Katie says and they both nod and walk out, ''look at me'', she says, ''this is a dream, he's fine, i'm going to wake up and he'll be their with my birthday cake'', i say and grab my chest, the pain of loss in my heart, ''he wanted.... me to give you this'', Katie says crying, then pulls out a card, ''i will leave you alone to read it..... please call me if you need me ok'', Katie says getting up, i nod my head and sob loader, ''hey look at me'', she says pulling my chin up, ''he's always going to be here, with you, no matter what, ok'', she says and i nod, ''thank you'', i say in a shaky voice and she walked out, crying.

I sat here, motionless for an hour, looking down at the card that i am to scared to open. I suddenly get the guts to open it and open it up quickly. '' Dear Carrie '', that was the new name he gave me, '' I'm sorry but i will have to break our promise, i'm really sorry pumpkin but i have one last mission, i will come home, promise '', their it was again, another promise broken, ''I LOVE YOU'', was the last word on the letter, ''I LOVE YOU TOO DADDY'', i scream and cry even harder. ''WHY ME, WHY NOW'', i scream and cry myself to sleep on the floor. I love daddy, see you soon.

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