Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


7. Chapter 6 ღ Christmas declarations of love

Chapter Word Count: 2,124  Overall Word Count: 16,352

Rachel's P.O.V.

We had gone public with the breakup, and I had come to terms with my feelings. I had turned my phone off since the day we got here, and I definitely was going to turn it on now, in fear of the back lash. I don’t know how I didn’t realize it till now but I have been falling in love with my best friend. I have been for a while. He’s been my everything for quite a long time now. I guess you could say I was being cautious with my new found feelings for Niall. I wasn’t going to jump into anything, like I did with Liam. I was going over everything, the pros and cons of telling Niall about how I felt. I just didn’t want everything to backfire. I wanted to be a hundred percent sure about Niall’s feelings before I took the leap and chanced our whole friendship. I’ve decided if he feels the same for me then I can tell him how I feel, but if he doesn’t I can’t. I can’t lose him.  He is literally my other half. I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s been everything that’s good in my life since my parents split and he was the only thing I had left that wasn’t ruined by all the darkness.

I just couldn’t lose him. I needed him more then I let on.

Yesterday was Louis’ birthday. He went surfing with the boys in the morning, than video chatted with Jay and the girls for a few hours, promising to visit soon. He then spent a few hours with all of us for cake and presents before going out to dinner with Eleanor. It was nice. To be able to celebrate Louis birthday with all his friends and for it to be relaxed and peaceful, to not have to worry about paparazzi documenting the whole thing to make horrendous headlines that weren’t even remotely true about it. Besides that the week had been pretty calm and uneventful.

It was Christmas morning and I just couldn’t find the will power to pull myself out of bed to celebrate. I just wanted a warm cup of tea, and someone to cuddle with, and to hold me. No. Not someone. I wanted Niall. I’ve been exhausting myself emotionally trying to figure out Niall’s feelings. I’ve always been rubbish with this sort of stuff. I wanted to cuddle up with Niall’s arms around me, holding me close to his chest; peppering kisses all over my face, while a smile couldn’t seem to leave my face, blankets engulfing us as we sat and watched silly Christmas specials curled up on the couch. I just wanted all the cliché coupley things that every teenage girl wants.

I was wide awake by now, thoughts running wildly throughout my head as I thought of all the cute couple things Niall and I could be doing. My eyes were still shut, if only so I could have that smidgen of hope of falling back asleep. I was curled up on my side, with a hand under my pillow and one resting right next to my face, the fluffy white comforter pulled up to my shoulders. I stretched my legs out, trying to find that cold spot that had been left untouched all night that would cool my warm skin. I stretched my hand up a little further on my pillow to find a small cold spot, right where my hand landed. I was back in my bed that I would have shared with Liam the first night. Liam had moved into the other beach house with Zayn and Perrie so it would be a little less awkward between all of us. Sighing I snuggled deeper into the blankets as I found the perfect cool spots. Calming my racing mind I try to fall back into a deep slumber.

But I guess it just isn’t my day because just as I’m on the brink of sleep I hear the door slowly creak open, and shut. Along with the soft pitter patter of someone’s feet as they approach my side of the bed. I try to steady my breathing so it seems like I’m still fast asleep. I feel the bed dip beside me, and a hand lightly run over my face, before tucking a stray hair behind my ear. The hand moves to rest on my cheek where their thumb lightly moves back and forth. I can feel their eyes raking over my face. Before I know it, a pair of soft lips is landing on my forehead. Chewing on the inside of my lip I try to keep from smiling. I hear a light Irish lit whisper to me, “Rache, come on wake up, it’s Christmas.” I don’t budge. Niall lightly shakes my shoulder, causing me to curl in on myself just that little bit. Niall sighs before lifting up the blankets just that little bit, letting all the warm air escape and the cold air to make its assault. He slides under next to me when I start shivering from the cold, pulling me into his arms. Niall lightly strokes my hair before whispering against my forehead, “Come on Rache, the boys and everyone are in the living room, waiting for you to come down so we can open presents” Shaking my head I snuggle closer into Niall’s arms that feel so much like home.

“Nope, just… wanna stay… right here…” I mumbled drowsily.

“I’ll carry you, I’ll even get you some tea. How about that?”

Sighing I just nodded my head once, giving into Niall’s pleading and promises of tea. I looped my arms around Niall’s neck after he climbs out of the bed leaning over me to pick me up. He loops his arms under my bum, as I wrap my legs around his waist. He grabbed one of the fluffy blankets from the end of the bed before carrying me out of the room and down the hall towards the living room. I nestle my head into his neck, and let out a small yawn while rubbing my eyes. Niall chuckles at my antics before walking into the living room, with me in his arms.

“Well look who it is, sleeping beauty finally decided to get up.” Louis declared from somewhere behind me. My head was still buried in Niall’s neck so I couldn’t see anything. Yawning one last time I tightened my grip around Niall’s neck as he maneuvered us through the living room and over to an empty couch to set me down on. I looked around the living room through blurry eyes, still filled with sleep. I saw everyone in Onesie’s including Niall and I. A half asleep Perrie was curled up in a barely awake Zayn’s lap on a recliner. Louis and Eleanor were wide awake and chatting quietly on one of the love seats next to the Christmas tree we had gotten and decorated. A semi awake Harry was rubbing a dozing Cher’s back on the couch against the wall across form the tree. Liam was sat next to what looked like a very jetlagged Danielle, who had flown in last night. Liam caught my eye and he sent me a cheeky wink and a dazzling smile, I rolled my sleepy eyes back at him but smiled none the less. I let Niall set me down on the couch and spread the blanket over me so I stayed warm, before he made his way to the kitchen to make some tea. After making several trips to get everyone else a cup of tea too, Niall finally came over with two cups of tea. He passed me the light green mug, before taking a sip out of the navy one he had in his other hand. He placed his and my coffee mug, after I had a few sips from it, on the coffee table before sitting down next to me, pulling me into his lap. I nestled my head under his chin and wrapped my arms around his torso, as his arms wrapped around my back, the blanket still nestled around us.

The morning goes on as we watch the others open present after present, as we all slowly become wide awake. I had opened all of my presents. I had gotten a new Nikon camera from Louis, Harry and Zayn as a conjoined gift, a bunch of clothes and shoes from the girls, and a new song book from Liam. I had given the all the boys and girls their presents besides Niall’s that I was saving for last. I got up from his lap before reaching behind the tree and grabbing the guitar case with a big red bow on it. I sat it down in Niall’s lap as everyone quieted down watching Niall’s reaction.

“I know it’s not much, but it’s the thought that counts right?” I said awkwardly scratching the back of my neck as he opened the case revealing a Taylor guitar signed by all of Niall’s music idols. A few were Justin Bieber, Michael Buble and even a few of our friends like Ed Sheeran.

“It’s perfect.” Niall mumbled before smiling up at me, he set the case on the floor before lining up his fingers and taking a few experimental strums. I sat down next to him watching as this boy I loved so much could be content for the rest of his life with just a simple guitar, strumming the day a way.

He began to strum a familiar tune and all the boys caught on letting small smiles fall onto their faces. Liam began singing at just the right time, smiling over at Danielle as he did.

“Am I sleep am I awake or somewhere in between

I can’t believe that you are here and lying next to me

Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined

Like branches on a tree, or twigs caught on a vine”

As Liam’s line ended Niall’s soft voice rang out attracting my attention.

“Like all those days and weeks and months I tried to steal a kiss

And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this”

Locking eyes with me he smiled a sweet smile making my cheeks flush a deep crimson on what was leaving his lips.

“I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl

And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world”

As Niall finished his last line Harry’s deep voice floated through the air, Louis’ harmonizing with his.

“Truly, madly, deeply I am

Foolishly, completely falling

And somehow you kicked all my walls in

So baby say you’ll always keep me

Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love with you

In love with you”

I didn’t break eye contact with Niall throughout the whole song, sending him shy smiles that he happily returned. As Niall plucked the last cords and the silence took over, the girls and I gave them a round of applause.

“Way to show us up guys, there’s no way we can top that. Seriously not fair.” Cher joked, lighting slapping Harry’s shoulder. I broke eye contact with Niall looking down at my twiddling thumbs in my lap. I saw Niall put the guitar back into its case from the corner of my eye. He then reached into his pocket pulling out a long robin egg blue box, with a ribbon securely wrapped around it. He took my hands into his, tuning me to face him. He smiled shyly before placing the box in my hands. I looked down at it curiously.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“It’s your Christmas present Rache.” He laughed lightly. “I hope you like it”

“Niall you know I’ll like it no matter what it is, as long as it came from you.” I smiled up at him as I untied the bow. I let the ribbon slide to the ground forgotten along with heaps of discarded wrapping paper. Tiffany & co. Stared up at me. I slowly opened the box and inside sat a rose gold skeleton key necklace. I let a gasp leave my lips as I lifted it out of the box carefully. The girls let out collective ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ over it while I looked at Niall a little shocked.

“Niall you shouldn’t have spent so much money one me.”

“I wanted to.” He declared before gently taking it from my hands and clasping it around my neck. His breath brushed against my cheek as he secured the clasp. He placed a lingering kiss to my cheek before whispering, “You might not have known it, but you’ve always had the key to my heart.”

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