Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


5. Chapter 4 ღ whoops...

Chapter Word Count: 3,796  Overall Word Count: 11,490

Rachels P.O.V.

It's been 2 weeks and 5 days since Liam and I became official. We had gone through the initial shock and interrogations of the boys, and Cher. She had called me 34 times, the day after our date that had blown up all over gossip sites. The Directioners were taking it as bad as I thought they would. Most of them loved me because they knew how important I was to Niall, and most of my fans were Directioners, and most Directioners were fans of mine too. The only down side was that a lot of the fans had shipped Riall. So they were a little disappointed when it was Liam who was out on a date with me, but they quickly grew to love us, all the same.

The hype of everything had died down within a week, and I could leave mine or Liam's flat without being bombarded with Paparazzi. They have been following us everywhere trying to get a picture of the happy couple together. And we made sure to give it to them. We had many fans stop us while we were out on dates, but I didn't mind or get jealous. I knew Liam would never cheat, and with the business were in a lot of accusations and rumors come out for just standing next to someone. I knew Liam would have to deal with my male fans asking for pictures too.

Everything we had was because of the fans, so we were happy to stop for them. I got hate but very minimal. Not to much more than I was already getting. Every artist has haters who try to pick out their every flaw, and I was too much of a self-conscious girl when it came to Liam. I wasn't worried of him leaving me for a hater. Ok I was only self-conscious when it came to Niall's girlfriend and that was only because she was intimidating, and this was my best friend she was dating.

Besides that I don't pay too much attention to the hate, I haven't since the beginning of my career and I know how much it hurts Liam to see the hate I get. He gets super protective, and tells me how much I mean to him, and how they're crazy for thinking this stuff about me. It comforts me.

We went on a couple group dates with Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie, and Niall and Amber. Harry was at home skyping Cher and being a good boyfriend. He promised to go on a double with us once Cher got back from touring. They've been dating for about 6 months now.

Tonight was the night of the Syco Halloween party. The theme was famous couples/duos. Liam and I had wandered back to that costume shop on one of our strolls through down town London. When we went in, Liam found a Batman costume, and I had found a Robin costume. We both looked at each other and laughed. "Ok were trying these on." I stated.

Once we came out of the changing rooms, we took one look at each other and exclaimed that we were going to get them, and be those for the party instead. We purchased the costumes and had went back to my flat for some hot coco and some cuddling on the couch. We ended up giving our peter pan and tinker bell costumes to Louis and Eleanor. Eleanor and I were the same size so it was perfect, considering they still had no idea what they were going to be yet.

We had also gone out so I could get a pair of knee high converse for my costume.

The party was tonight, and there was sure to be paparazzi. The boys and their dates were all taking a limo together. Everyone was bringing their girlfriends, besides Harry because Cher was still on tour. So he was bringing Gemma instead. All the girls were getting ready at my house while the boys got ready at Liam's.

We had Perrie doing everyone's hair, and Eleanor doing everyone's makeup. Perrie had curled my hair in big bouncy curls, along with the other girls. Eleanor had made my lips a bright red and had given me a Smokey eyes with a bit of shimmer on my cheek bones, over the light blusher.

I was already in my costume, my mask pulled down over my eyes and lacing up my converse (which took 10 minutes to do), when all the girls had finished putting their costumes on. Eleanor was in the tinker bell costume along with neon green stilettos. Perrie was dressed up as Alice with a black ribbon in her hair, fishnets and black stilettos. Amber was dressed up as superwoman with red pumps. Gemma was dressed up as Hermione Granger. We were an interesting looking bunch.

Once we had all finished, we took a picture of all of us together. I took my phone out and hit the twitter icon already typing in the tweet.

@RachelAdamsOfficial: @CherLloyd we miss you! But don't we look fine! xD wish you were here for this one babe!

Attaching the picture I hit send. Not two seconds later I got a reply

@CherLloyd: @RachelAdamsOfficial I miss you to! Have fun tonight! And make sure Harry stays in line ;) haha Liam won't be able to keep his hands off you in that ;D Love ya!

@RachelAdamsOfficial: @CherLloyd he didn't tell you? Gemm Gemms his date! He'll stay in line! And haha Love ya too!

I pocketed my phone and looked at the clock. 9:08 the boys would be over in two minutes. I spritzed myself with my Chanel perfume, than trudged down the stairs after the girls. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs. I heard the Limo pull up outside.

"LIMOS HERE!" I yelled to the girls who were in the living room. I swung the door open, right when all the guys were stepping out of the limo, leaning up against it waiting for us. I marched out to the edge of the front steps, and put one fist on my hip and the other in the air. The wind even picked up right then, blowing my cape around me, with the headlights from the limo shining on me, it was quite the amusing sight.

"DADADADADADADAAAAAA!!!!!" I hollered, causing the guys to break out in laughter. I couldn't see the guys’ costumes, just there silhouettes leaning against the hood of the limo.

"Ok. Hold on. Liam?" I called putting my hand over my eyes, trying to spot my batman. Liam stepped forward.

"Come closer, closer, closer. Ok stop." I held my hand up. "Get ready to catch me." I declared. He sent me a questioning glance but put his arms up. I backed all the way up and ducked into the house to see the girls finally emerging from the Living room, heading towards me. "Watch out guys. Stand right there." I backed all the way up to the stair landing.

I surged forward with my hands out in front of me while screaming "Danananananananaanana BATMAN!!!!" and right when I had shouted Batman, I had leaped off the front porch, flying in the air for about 2 seconds and landing in Liam's open arms. He stumbled a couple steps back, but had stabled us so we hadn't fallen over. I had my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. His arms looped around my back.

Everyone erupted in laughter, clutching at their sides. "I GOT IT ON VIDEO!" Perrie squealed from behind us. I turned my head from Liam's neck and looked back at where all the girls were gathered around Perrie. "And sent." She declared. "All of twitter has now seen your re-enactment" she declared loudly, then bounded off the stairs to Zayn's waiting arms. He was dressed as the Mad Hatter. Harry was dressed as Harry Potter, and Niall was superman. We all piled into the limo shortly after that. Liam still carrying me, because I had pouted and he always gave into my puppy dog face.

We all had slid in and I was perched on Liam's lap with his arms wrapped around my waist, and his face nuzzling the back of my neck as I chatted with Perrie.


We had reached the Hotel that the party was being held at 40 minutes later. The limo stopped at the entrance, and sure enough there was a group of around 50 paparazzi waiting outside for the next guess. And as soon as the limo door opened the cameras were flashing. Harry and Gemma got out first smiling cheekily at all the cameras, than Perrie and Zayn who posed with each other. Niall and Amber got out next and were making superman poses, than Louis and Eleanor got out, goofing off for the cameras. Then it was our turn to get out. Liam stepped out first and held his hand out for me to take. I took his hand and he pulled me out. We caught the attention of the Paparazzi who wanted pictures of the new couple. We all posed together for group shots then we continued into the Hotel.

Once we were in side we were led to the ballroom. The music was pounding, and there were at least 200 people dancing around. Whistle by Flo Rida was pounding throughout the room. All of the couples broke off promising to meet up in an hour, so they could mingle and dance. Liam grabbed my hand and led me to the center of the dance floor, where everyone was swinging to the rhythm of the music.

The song switched to Ke$ha's Die young. Liam and I had danced to the song getting lost in the beat. The song switched and Where Them Girls At filled the atmosphere. After a dozen more songs we left the very sweaty mosh pit, that we had ended up in, that had formed shortly after we started dancing. We moved to the drinks table, and downed a couple shots, before we turned back to each other. Liam had his arm looped around my waist, keeping me close.

"You're a good dancer" he yelled in my ear over the music.

"Oh ya." I questioned smirking, and stepping closer to him.

“It was the sprinkler wasn’t it?” I laughed while trying to do the sprinkler. We were interrupted by a cough from behind me. Causing us to turn around, standing behind us was the rest of the boys and the girls. Making a deep blush form on my cheeks, thank god for the terrible lighting, so they couldn't see my rosy cheeks. Liam had lazily wrapped his arms around my waist and lolled his head on my shoulder, while the others all grinned at us.

Louis was talking to us but I couldn't focus on the words coming out of his mouth, I was too distracted by Liam whispering incoherent things into my shoulder. "Your blushing babe," He whispered into my ear, causing my blush to deepen.

"And you're not even listening, are you?" Louis declared crossing his arms over his chest and sending a mock glare my way, catching my attention.

"Huh? What?" I asked.

"I said, you're not even listening, are you?" Louis repeated.

"Sorry, it's kind of hard to when I have a Liam attaching his mouth to my neck, like he's a bloody vampire every five seconds." I laughed, trying to push Liam off. "Stoppp" I whined, causing him to laugh into my neck. "Nope," He declared popping the 'p', then went back to leaving a love bite on my neck.

"Well I was trying to tell you that we were going to head back to the flats." Louis declared.

"Wait. What, I thought we just got here." I questioned, ignoring Liam.

"Babe, we've been here for 2 hours." Jeeze time flies when you’re having fun, I thought bitterly to myself.

"Ok, we'll meet you out at the limo in a couple minutes." I announced. They all nodded their heads and headed in the entrance, without a second glance.

I disentangled myself from Liam, and gently tugged on his arm, leading him to the entrance. 5 minutes later and we were pushing past paparazzi to get to the awaiting limo.  

We scurried into the open door and shut it behind us.

Everyone was there so the driver pulled onto the road and headed towards our flats. All of the girls were leaning against their dates asleep. Niall and Louis were also asleep so it was just Zayn, Harry, Liam and I who were still awake. We all chatted lightly about the party till we arrived in front of Liam's flat.

"Make sure to wake everyone before you leave" I told Zayn, before following Liam out the open limo door. I shut the door behind me and watched it travel just a few doors down to Harry and Louis' flat.

With one last look, I turned back to Liam's flat to see him standing on the top front step waiting for me. I walked up the pathway to the steps, than I climbed them two at a time, and took Liam's outstretched hand. He unlocked the door and led us inside.

Locking the door behind us Liam kicked off his shoes and put his wallet and phone down on the table in the entryway. While I took my cape and mask off and set them on the table under my phone. I then sat down on the floor to untie my converse. While I worked on one Liam sat down across from me and took my other foot into his lap to untie the other shoe. We had them untied in 3 minutes flat.

Once they were off we climbed the stairs to his bedroom together. When we reached the room Liam flicked the lights on and began undressing almost immediately. As much as it was his bedroom it was mine too, same with my bedroom in my flat, it was his too. I had clothes over here and he had clothes over in mine.

I walked over to his cupboards and grabbed a towel, a change of underwear and one of Liam’s tee-shirts. "Babe, I'm going to shower real quick” I called over my shoulder while entering the bathroom.

"Ok." was his reply. I stripped out of my costume and set in on the counter before entering the shower and washing all my makeup off along with the sweat from all the dancing. Once I stepped out of the shower I dried off and through my underwear on along with Liam’s shirt that was like a dress on me. As I was brushing my hair, Liam joined me in his joggers. He set off to brushing his teeth while I put my hair up in a messy bun. Liam left the bathroom while I quickly brushed my teeth. When I exited the bathroom Liam was already under the covers so I flipped the lights off then crawled into bed next to him. Liam lied down on his back, with our legs intertwined, my head lying over his heart. Liam carded his hands through my hair and sang softly, lulling me to sleep. Letting my eyes flutter closed to the beat of his heart and his soft voice. Letting my breathing come to a steady pace, I let sleep over come me. Dreaming of hazel eyes, and a goofy grin.


I woke up in a sleepy daze to the sound of ran pitter pattering on the roof. I pulled the blankets tighter around my body to keep the warmth that the tight cocoon of blankets was giving me. I let out a content sigh and reached my hand out to find Liam's warm body to cuddle into because the blankets just weren't as good as Liam's warm body. But all my hand was met by was cold mattress. I popped my head out from the cocoon, and peeked my eyes open and sure enough, the space next to me was empty.

I let my eyes travel the room in search of his body. Nothing. I crawled out of bed taking the fluffy blanket that was situated at the foot of the bed, and wrapped it around my body. My sock covered feet slid across the wooden floor. I just pulled the blanket closer to my body and continued out the room and down the hallway. I descended the stairs, and almost tripped over one of the steps because of my clumsiness. Once I reached the bottom of the stairs I checked to see If Liam was in the kitchen, but he wasn't. I heard the sound of Liam's voice come from the living room. So I made my way towards it.

Upon entering the room I found Liam sitting on one of the chairs. Without looking around the rest of the room, I walked over to Liam and sat down in his lap curling up in a ball and nuzzling my head into his neck. I heard a cough from behind me, startling me to whip my head around, and sure enough the rest of one direction we’re lounging on the couches staring amusedly at me. A deep blush formed on my cheeks as I pulled the blanket tighter around my body, causing the boys to let out howls of laughter. Making me blush even more and hide in Liam's arms. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back, giving me a light peck on the forehead. "Morning babe" he murmured.

"Looks like you two were busy last night" Harry called with a cheeky wink before letting out another bowl of laughter. 

"Oh my god. Shut up!" I exclaimed trying to suffocate myself under the blanket.

"I'm going to go put some joggers on…" I mumbled, before leaping off Liam's lap and making a break for the stairs. The blanket swung wildly at my ankles. And right before I reached the stairs I slipped on the blanket, face planting the wood floors. The slap of my body against the floor echoed throughout the bare walls traveling to the living room alerting the boys of my fall.

I let out a painful moan, clutching at my ankle. I heard laughter escalate and echo down the empty hallway. "You alright babe?" I heard Liam call.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. As I clutched at my ankle that felt like it had been snapped in half. I hiccupped trying to stop the tears, but it came out as more of a sob. I heard the laughter die down a little. Someone had gotten up and said they were going to check on me because I hadn't given a reply. A few seconds later Liam's head popped out of the doorway with a call of "babe?" He stepped out in the hallway continuing to the stairs. His once amused face turned to concern and fear once he saw me on the ground balling my eyes out.

"Oh my god babe. What happened? Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Baby talk to me so I can help" he said once I wasn't responding.

"Louis! GET THE CAR STARTED!" Liam screamed scooping me up in his arms. Careful not to let my ankle hit anything.

"What? Why?" Came Louis reply. "JUST DO IT! WERE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL.HURRY UP" Liam rushed out angrily. Once the boys saw me in Liam's arms they leaped to action all the boys scurrying out the door besides Zayn who had went somewhere else in the house. We were in the car with me in Liam's lap and my feet resting in Niall's when Zayn came scurrying out of the house a pair of Liam's gym shorts in hand. He hopped in the passenger seat, while throwing the clothes at us.

"Thought you might not want to get papped in your underwear." He declared, while Louis put the car in gear and headed towards the hospital. Niall carefully helped me slide Liam’s shorts on so I was decently covered.


When we finally arrived at the hospital, it was all one big blur. Liam jumping out of the car with me in his arms, running to the emergency room, getting put through tests, and waiting for the results. The boys were waiting in the waiting room, and Liam was sitting on a chair next to my bed holding my hand.

The doctor entered the room, with the X-rays in hand. She placed them on the board on the wall, examining them. “Now, Ms. Adams, you have fractured your ankle in a few places, so you will have to wear a boot, and use crutches for 3 weeks, before you can walk with just the boot.” She declared finally turning back to me, filling stuff out on her clipboard.

“I’ll have a prescription set up, to help with the pain” she said, “I’ll go get your boot and crutches, and then you’ll be able to go” she called before leaving the room.

“Great” I muttered.

“You can stay at my place and I’ll take care of you” Liam decided with an adorable smile on his face.

“Thanks” I said quietly. “No problem love” he said squeezing my hand. The doctor returned shortly after that, helping put the boot on, and telling me how I should go about my everyday life with it. She then set my crutches to the right height, while Liam held me up without letting me put pressure on my foot. I slid the crutches under my arm, and we were moving down the hall to the reception, so I could get my prescription and check out.

I got my prescription and Liam led me to the waiting room, where the boys were sat eagerly waiting. Niall was the first to jump up at the sight of me, rushing over to engulf me in a hug. “I was so scared, Rache” He whimpered into my ear. “I was too” I whispered, squeezing him tightly then unwinding myself from him. We slowly made our way to the front door, and sure enough there were a few paps waiting for our exit. Niall stayed close by my side helping me.

As soon as we stepped out the door, the lights began to flash, it was almost blinding. Niall led me over to the car and helped me in, the rest of the boys piled in and we were on our way back to Liam’s flat.

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