Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


4. Chapter 3 ღ the date

Chapter Word Count: 3,718   Overall Word Count: 7,694

Rachels P.O.V.

Liam and I had a nice date. He was polite, even gave me all of his attention. He made me laugh, and smile. He made me feel beautiful and important. He bought me a rose and we walked hand in hand downtown. Even though it would surely be in the news or all over gossip web sites later, I didn’t care for once. We went into a costume store and tried on everything we threw at each other. Liam, batman and any super hero we could find. I was tinker bell, and any animal we could find. We had the store clerk take a picture of me dressed up as tinker bell and Liam as Peter Pan. The store clerk was an old woman and she was laughing at our choices of multiple costumes. I was standing up on my tippy toes giving Liam a kiss on the cheek, with my hands on one of his shoulders. He had a huge grin on and an arm around my waist and the other on his hip.

“Thank you” I smiled at her once she took the picture. I took my phone back from her, and immediately hit the twitter app.

@RachelAdamsOfficial: don’t @Real_Liam_Payne and I look adorable? Costume shops are so much fun. What are you being for Halloween?

Liam’s phone vibrated shortly after that, showing him the tweet I sent with the picture attached. Liam’s chuckled at the picture. “We should buy these for the costume party” Liam said enthusiastically.

“Is that your way of asking me to be your date to the party” I asked with a smile.

Liam blushed and nodded his head shyly. “Yeah...” he awkwardly scratched the back of his neck “will you?”

“I’d love to.” I beamed. Liam’s face broke out into a brilliant smile. He picked me up in a hug and spun me around, causing us to both laugh like crazy. Once he set me down we changed back into our normal clothes. We wandered through the store till we found the register, and we checked out.

We walked through the front door, fingers intertwined and big smiles on our faces. To be faced with maybe 30 paparazzi waiting for us. The flash of the camera was almost blinding. I held my hand up to cover my eyes. Liam pulled me closer and tucked me into his side. Holding a hand up, and trying to get us through the crowd. I took him ten minutes of shoving, but we finally got through, but they weren’t giving up yet. They followed behind us, screaming questions left and right. Liam had the bag with our costumes, which he insisted he pay for, in one hand and my hand in the other. We were a good 50 feet ahead of them now, but at the rate they were going we’d have to run to get away from them.

“Hold on one second Liam.” I said, coming to a stop. They were catching up fast. They were like pumas going in for the kill. I quickly lent down and pulled my 4 inch heels off and held them in my hands. “I can’t run that fast in heels.” I re-laced our hands together with a smile and started tugging Liam ahead. Letting us take off in a run towards his rover. We had lost the paparazzi a few blocks after that. We were still laughing uncontrollably though. We slowed our running down to a walk to catch our breaths.

“I didn’t know you were that fast.” Liam smiled over at me.

“I did track for a couple years in Secondary School.” I smiled back. We were at Liam’s car in no time. Once we got in the car and Liam had put our costumes in the back seat we were on our way back to our flats. Liam rolled the windows down and then he had turned on the music all the way up, so we could feel the base vibrate the car and the beginning of Jesse J’s Domino rang out through the car. At the set of lights, Liam looked directly at me and belted out perfectly in time with Jesse’s first line while wiggling his eyebrows and laughing.

“IM FEELING SEXY AND FREEEEE! LIKE GLITTERS RAINING ON MEEEE!” then he pointed at me while I laughed uncontrollably “YOUR LIKE A SHOT OF PURE GOLLLDD! I THINK IM BOUT TO EXPLODE!” I sang back to him. We dueted till the song ended. After the song ended Liam turned the volume down so we could just make out our voices over the music if we talked loudly. He had put his hand on my thigh, and I put my hand over his.  Blow Me One Last Kiss by P!nk came on next. I let my arm hang out of the open window, letting my hair blow all over the place as we sped down the high way. I sang along to the song while tapping my hand on the side of the door. We were getting closer and closer to the flats by the time the song ended, and Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe came on.

I Let my smile grow as I sang along with Liam. And right when the Chorus came on I turned the music up as loud as possible. You couldn’t even hear us over the music anymore. We had just pulled through the gates leading to our flats too.  The music was pounding through the windows and echoing off the silent houses. We had just pulled up in front of Liam’s flat when we reached the second chorus. It was around 10 so we knew the boys were still up. So they probably heard the noise we were making. Liam left his keys in the car ignition the radio continued to play the song while we terribly serenaded each other and made dance moves that were restricted to our seated positions.

We both hopped out of the car while still screaming the lyrics, attracting the attention of Liam’s fellow band mates. Causing their front lights to turn on and for us to see their amused faces standing in their doorways. Zayn with his girlfriend Perrie at his side, and Louis with Eleanor at his side, with Harry looking over Louis’ shoulder. Well, all besides Niall who had laughing Amber at his side and a small frown on his face. But I was having too much fun to notice all of them. We were currently terribly reenacting the song lyrics, while we shouted off key too each other, with giant smiles on our faces.

“AND ALL THE OTHER BOYS TRY TO CHASE ME SO-“ I was cut off by Liam running up to me and throwing me over his shoulder causing me to squeal and start laughing uncontrollably. I was hanging upside down so all I could really see was my hair hanging down and Liam’s arse. I slapped his bum trying to get him to put me down, which made him let out an “Oi!” before he too reached up and smacked my bum. “HEY!” I squealed laughing. I wrapped my arms around his waist to steady my swaying torso. There was no point in trying to get him to put me down.

The song ended and Liam finally set me down with a very cheeky smile on his lips. “Thank you” I huffed as I fixed my shirt. DNA by Little Mix filled the air. “I love this song!” I said into Liam’s ear.

“Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it?” Liam sang lightly into my ear, as we swayed together to the music. “What a great song to slow dance to.” I said amusedly in Liam’s ear, causing us both to let out bellowing laughs. And then we broke apart. “Stay right here” Liam said then he was racing back to his car, leaving me standing in the middle of the street, and plugging his phone into the speakers and playing Ne-Yo’s Let Me Love You. He turned it down so I could hear him singing the words. He sent me a dazzling smile, which I couldn’t help but send him one back.

“Much as you blame yourself, you can’t be blamed for the way that you feel. Had no example of a love, that was even remotely real. How can you understand something that you never had? Ooh, baby, if you let me, I can help you out with all of that” He sang to me, taking a step closer to me every line. He was just reaching the chorus when he got to me.  Reaching out and taking my hand in his, and placing one on my cheek.

“Girl, let me love you, And I will love you, until you learn to love yourself. Girl, let me love you, I know your trouble. Don’t be afraid, girl, let me help. Girl, let me love you, And I will love you, until you learn to love yourself. Girl, let me love you, a heart of numbness. Is brought to life, I’ll take you there.” He sang. His hazel orbs bore into my chocolate ones. A brilliant smile split my face. He pressed our foreheads together as he finished off the first chorus.

Then he flashed me a breathless smile as he let the song continue. I stood on my bare tip toes to wrap my arms around his neck, letting his other arm that wasn’t rubbing small circles on my cheek with his thumb, wrap around my waist, tugging me closer.

Then I felt his breath on my lips. Letting my eyes flutter shut along with his, I let him capture my lips in his. His soft lips molded against mine perfectly. My stomach erupted in butterflies. Like when a plane takes off and my tummy tickles, or going down the drop of a rollercoaster. That rush of adrenaline. It was all there. Our lips moved in sync. It felt like in the movies how the main character is kissed by the boy who she’s been crushing on and the camera goes around them, spinning. It felt like how every cheesy writer describes the magical kiss the person receives. Causing me to smile into the kiss. I tangled my fingers in his hair, while his arms pulled me closer. 

I didn’t notice the people still watching us unnoticed. I would have seen Zayn tug Perrie into his side and for him to give her a sweet peck causing her to smile. Or Amber lean her head on a Pliant Niall’s shoulder, cooing at how adorable we were. Or Louis wrapping his arms around Eleanor’s waist from behind, and lean his head on her shoulder, whispering sweet nothing’s into her ear. And harry awkwardly hugging himself, but smiling none the less. But I didn’t see that, I was too wrapped up in the feeling.

We finally pulled back breathlessly at the need for air. Sending each other breathless smiles, we lent our foreheads together and swayed to the song.

We didn’t notice the couples pull their significant others back into their flats, and Harry, Too give us some privacy.  We didn’t know that we would definitely be bombarded with questions tomorrow. We were just living in that magical moment.

We finally pulled a part but only for Liam to get his phone, grab our costumes, grab his keys and lock his car, then meet me at the front steps of my flat. Linking his hand with mine, we bounded up the steps to my front door. I pulled my keys out of my purse with my free hand.

Putting the key in the lock and turning it, I pushed the door open. Stepping inside I pulled Liam in behind me. I set my purse down on the table in the entry way, than I locked the door behind us. Liam had already set our costumes down on the table, along with his wallet and phone and was taking his jacket off. I set my heels down on the floor. Liam took his shoes off too and sat them next to mine. Liam then wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and set his head on my shoulder.

“Hey” he whispered into my ear. Making me break out into a big smile. “Hey” I said back, placing my hands on top of his, and trying to walk, with him attached to my back. We made it to the stairs before I broke out in giggles as Liam pressed kisses to my neck. “Stop it” I giggled. “Nope.” He breathed into my neck goofily. I held his hands on my stomach, with mine. I pulled them off of my stomach, but kept them in my hands. I put my arms behind my back and continued walking, so we were an arms distance away and I could move easier. We moved up the stairs and down the hall to my bedroom. I pushed the slightly ajar door open with my hip. Letting go of Liam’s hands I ran my hand up the dark wall for the light switch. The room lit up once I hit the switch. Once the light flicked on I saw Liam lying on his back on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

I walked over to the bed and lent over his body. “Hey.” I smiled. “Let’s get changed” I said lightly slapping his chest.

He sat up then kind of sat there awkwardly. “Umm… can I sleep in my pants? I don’t have a change of clothes.” He asked.

“Yeah, sure” I answered. Liam went to work on pulling off his trousers revealing his black pants, folding them up and putting them in a neat pile on my wardrobe. He then reached his hands behind his back and pulled his shirt over his head revealing his toned abs. It was drool worthy. He then folded that and placed it on top of his trousers.

“Don’t look” I called over my shoulder.

“I won’t” Liam promised, than turned around to face plant into my bed. I quickly changed into a pair of sleep shorts and then I grabbed Liam’s folded up shirt and pulled it over my head. It hung off my body, ending just past my bum. I slowly walked over to the wall and flicked the lights off, and then joined Liam on my bed.

We crawled under the sheets and he wrapped his arms around my back, pulling me into his chest. I tucked my head into the hollow underneath his chin and let our legs intertwine with each other. Wrapping my arms around him and just breathing in his scent. Letting everything over whelm me.

Liam kissed my forehead then tucked me back under his chin, letting me use his bicep as a pillow. While his thumb drew circles on my shoulder and his other hand rubbed circles into my back. “Be my girlfriend?” he asked quietly.

A deep blush formed on my face and I was happy to be tucked away under him and the darkness of the room so he couldn’t see my face flush. “Ok.” I whispered pressing a kiss to his collar bone.

“Night love.” He whispered. “Night babe.” I replied, and let the sleep overcome me.


The light peeking in from behind my curtains is what woke me up; it was shining right down on my face. Along with the soft breeze flowing in through the open window. Then I felt the soft breathing on my neck. I could feel his arm in a tight grip along my waist along with my hand. His chest pressed to my back and our legs intertwined. I must have rolled over in my sleep, because I was playing little spoon right now while Liam played big spoon.

I snuggled in to his embrace loving the body heat he was radiating, letting a content smile form on my lips and my eyes flutter close again. My movement must have woken him though because I felt him tighten his grip on my waist and pull me closer. His thumbs were drawing circles on my hip and stomach. I hear a content sigh leave his lips. Then I feel his lips press into my shoulder.

 “Morning love” his husky voice croaks. Okay. His morning voice was way too sexy for his own good. “Morning” I reply lightly with a smile. He rolled over to lean over me. He pushed stray hairs out of my face then lent down and gave me a kiss.

“Eww babe. Morning breath.” I chuckled. “Don’t care.” He mumbled. I lightly pushed on his shoulder. “come on let’s brush our teeth, then I’ll make brekkie” I said. He obliged and rolled off me, then climbed out of bed. I climbed out of bed too then walked over to the dresser while Liam hovered by the en suite bathroom door. I saw Liam smiling over at me.

“You look good in my clothes” he called cheekily, holding his hand out for me to take.  I took it and let him pull me into the bathroom with him.

I found a spare toothbrush for him to use under the counter. (“It’s not as good as your light up one, but it’ll have to do.” I declared. “Thanks babe” he replied cheerfully, and pecking me on the cheek) Then we playfully bumped hips as we brushed our teeth, making goofy faces at each other through the mirror. Causing us to laugh, then almost choke on our tooth brushes and toothpaste, making us laugh even harder. 

I brushed my hair. Then I went into the cupboard to get some towels. I set the towels on the counter, and then walked over to the frosted shower doors. I reached in and turned the water on. Closing the door to keep the steam in and letting the water get to the right temperature, I picked up a towel from the counter handing it to Liam.

“Go bathe, use the bathroom down the hall” I said as I shoved him out of the bathroom. Without waiting for his reply, I finally shoved him out the door locking it behind me. I then took a quick shower washing my hair. I hopped out once I was clean. Quickly drying myself off I pulled what I had gone to bed in back on. I was running a brush through my hair when I heard a knock on the door. I pulled the door open to reveal a now semi damp Liam in what looked like a pair of Niall’s joggers he probably found in the bottom of my dresser. I let him in while I continued to brush my hair.

Upon entering the bathroom Liam had shook his hair out like a dog sending water flying everywhere. Making me squeal and grab one of the towels to use as a shield for rogue water heading my way. Liam laughed than grabbed the hair brush I had abandoned on the bathroom counter. Running it through his hair twice, as I threw my hair up in a messy bun.

I walked out of the bathroom and over to my dresser. I looked over my shoulder to see Liam leaning against the door frame, his eyes following my every movement. I looked down, and opened a drawer full of socks and tights. I picked out the fluffiest pair I could find and slid those on.

If I had looked out the window, I would have seen a frozen Niall watch me move around my room. I would have seen a frown begin to form on his face when Liam stepped closer to me, and came into view in a pair of Niall’s joggers. Then the frown would have deepened when Liam wrapped his arms around my lower back, and mine wound around his neck. I would have seen him shut his curtains when Liam lent down and gave me a long soft kiss.

But I didn’t because I was so caught up in liamliamliam and kisskisskiss. We pulled away with identical breathless smiles. I gave him one last peck and then I grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door, down the hall and stairs, to the kitchen, and sat him down on a bar stool next to the island.

We ate breakfast at the island, while goofing around. We then went to the living room. Liam lying on his back on the couch, with me lying on top of him, legs entwined, my head against his chest, and his hand carding though my hair as we watched movies.

That was how we spent the days, ignoring the knocks on the door, phone calls, our curious friends and the gossip that would sure to be going around from the pictures of our date last night. Just cuddled up on the sofa holding each other, only separating to change movies, go to the bathroom, and to get food.

 I fell asleep during the middle of toy story 3. I woke up when Liam was carrying me up the stairs for bed. Liam placed me under the covers, crawling in beside me. Pulling my back into his chest and throwing his arm over my waist, and entwining our legs. He kissed my shoulder blade then said “Night love”.

“Night babe” I whispered back letting the sleep finally overcome me once again. For the second night in a row, I didn’t dream of those blue eyes swimming with confusing emotions. I dreamt of hazel orbs, and a dazzling smile, and short hair. The soft press of his lips, his strong arms wrapped around me. And everything Liam.

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