Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


3. Chapter 2 ღ the almost kiss

Chapter Word Count: 2,076   Overall Word Count: 3,976

Rachels P.O.V.

We had been in the shopping center for about a half hour. We had already been to top man for Niall and Top shop for me. We had also run through Jack Wills. We both had around 5 bags each. I had gotten a couple pairs of jeans in pastel colors and floral patterns. Niall had gotten some jumpers and t-shirts. We were strolling through the center arms looped together, having a laugh.

“I need to go to pink.” I declared, steering Niall towards the store.

“fine” he jokingly rolled his eyes at me. When we finally reached the store, I went to work. I found a couple jumpers and sweat pants. Then I grabbed 3 pairs of leggings. While I was wandering around the store I had realized I lost Niall along the way. I wandered around looking for him, and sure enough I found him looking at the underwear. A thong to be exact.

I snuck up behind him and said right in his ear “what are you doing?” causing him to jump and fling the underwear back onto the display. Causing me to erupt in giggles.

“Jeeze Rache, you scared me.” He said, hand pressed over his chest.

 “Come on you goof” I said linking my arm with his and pulling him to the cash register, paying then strolling out of the store.

We heard it before we saw it. The excited whispering. Then the flash of cameras and groups of girls pointing, and giggling.

“We need to get out of here.” Niall said. “Now.” Niall un-winded our arms and laced his fingers with mine, and toke off through the mall, tugging me behind him. We raced away from the shouts of fans and the flash of cameras.  We could hear the stampede of feet chasing after us. We made it out of the shopping center and to my mini-cooper before anyone could reach us. We threw our shopping bags in the back and then jumped in. I floored it and we we’re speeding out of the car park.

Once we were a couple blocks away I pulled over on the side of the road, and lent my head against the steering wheel.

“That was crazy.” Niall whispered. I tilted my head towards his body and watched as he dragged his hands down his face.

“Yeh, but it’s okay.” I muttered. Reaching over and taking his hand in mine and just entwining our fingers. Niall smiled over at me and squeezed my fingers. I took a breath then put the car back in gear and drove back to our flats. With my hand still in his, lap while he played with my fingers.


The day after the mall situation I was lounging around on Niall’s couch in a pair of Acid Wash denim short-shorts with a white flowy crop tank top. Lazily strumming at my guitar while, Niall was wandering around the room while he talked on the phone. He was wearing a pair of tan shorts with a white sling let.

“Yes mum, yes, ok, yes I’ll tell her you say hi. Yes mum. Okay. Bye. Love you too.” Niall said into the phone before hanging up. He slouched over to the couch where I was, lifting up my feet and sliding under them so they were lying in his lap.

“Mum, says hi and that she misses you and loves you, and that we need to go visit soon. She also asked if I had proposed yet. Again.” Niall huffed, causing me to start laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Maura and my mum thought we were going to get married when we were little. Haven’t given up the idea yet I see.

We never talked about it. We never tried. Because we knew what we had would be too much to lose. We meant too much to each other. All the memories we made with each other. We were each other’s first kisses. We were 12. It was shy, and cute. We didn’t really talk about it after. It was a special memory that I didn’t share with too many people.

“Hey.” He gave me an affronted look, “would it be that bad to marry me?”

I set my guitar down on the floor, while letting my laugh come to a halt. I scooted over till I was sitting in his lap wrapping him in a tight hug. “No. it’s just they’ll never give up will they?”

“No, probably not, but I don’t mind. I understand why they think we should get married.” He replied smiling, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

“Oh yeah?” I raised a skeptical eye brow.

“Yes.” He replied without a hint of doubt in his voice. Raising an eyebrow as permission to continue, he did. “because, your stunning. And amazing. And I trust you with my life, more than anyone else. We spend every moment of free time we have together. You light up my world like nobody else.” He said, “No pun intended.” He winked cheekily. My face had gone bright red by now. And he was staring into my eyes for every word he had said. His eyes swimming with honesty and another emotion that I had never seen before.

“And you’re kind of my world. I don’t know what I’d do without you.” He added quietly. Watching me and searching for a reaction.

“Thanks.” I whispered quietly. Looking down at my fingers in my lap. Niall put his finger under my chin tilting my head up so I looked into his crystal blue eyes. His eyes flickered down to my lips and I couldn’t help but do the same, as I see his tongue come out and swipe across his bottom lip. I followed it with my eyes till it slips back into his mouth. My eyes flickered back to his, and yep he caught me. He slowly started to lean in, and I could feel his breath on my lips. My eyes fluttered shut along with his. Waiting for his lips to make contact with mine. They’d barely touched. His top lip barely touches mine. And right when we were about to make contact, the front door had swung open, causing it thrash against the wall. Causing us to jump apart, me falling on my back on the ground. My hand over my chest, and my eyes squeezed shut tight. Trying to steady my breath.

"You have got to be kidding me mate." I heard Niall darkly mutter to whoever had barged in.

"Come on, i thought we were going out for a boys night. Get a pint. Find some fit birds." comes their non-guilty reply, which I can tell, came from Harry.

And sure enough, a completely not sorry looking Harry and Louis stood in the entryway, with what looked like Zayn and Liam hovering in the doorway behind them. Till they saw me lying on the floor and my sure to be flushed face.

"Or we could make it a Rache and One Direction night" Zayn added from over Louis' shoulder trying to include me.

I got up off the floor and brushed myself off. "No, no. It's okay. Have fun, really." I walked over to the couch and grabbed my phone. Then slung my guitar over my shoulder.

"Rache you should come, it'll be much more fun with you then a guy’s night." Liam added.

Louis looks affronted, "No, it wouldn-" He got cut off by Zayn elbowing him in the stomach. 

"It's fine really guys. Have fun. Find some fit girls." I said. "Bye Niall." I added quietly, without giving him a hug goodbye or waiting for a reply, I quickly pushed past the guys and out the doorway. Breathing in the fresh air, I cross his lawn to my flat door. I quickly opened the door, and slid into the house, closing and locking the door behind me.

I set my stuff down in the living room, than rushed up to my room. I shut my window that night and closed the blinds. I changed into my pjs and slid under the covers of my bed, letting sleep over come my brain.

And all I could seem to think about was Niall's crystal blue eyes, swimming with emotion.


It had been a couple weeks since the almost kiss. Niall had been seen with a girl that he met clubbing. They hit it off, and they've been seeing each other since.  I try to act happy for him, when he's around. And be excited that he found a girl, but it's hard when I wish it was me instead. She’s absolutely flawless to, a model. She’s everything Niall deserves. She makes me feel insecure when I’m in the same room as her. I don't get a lot of sleep these nights. Thinking about our almost kiss.

When I finally tear myself from my warm bed, I get up and take a shower. I spend more time picking out the perfect outfit. I put on a pair of black shorts, a black lacy bra, and a black see through button down with pink, green and blue flowers. Not playing any music and dancing around like I usually would. I put on more makeup than usual. After I finish, I scurry downstairs to the kitchen. I eat an apple instead of my usual breakfast of four pancakes. That’s another thing me and Niall have in common, our appetite. But I feel like I’m not good enough. His girlfriend Amber, she’s a stick. Long silky blond hair that looks like it’s from a shampoo commercial. Tan skin, long legs, and a dazzling smile and dark green eyes. And she dresses so beautifully. She looks like she stepped out of a copy of vogue magazine, even in her worst.

We haven’t been spending as much time together as we used too, because he’s always with her, or she’s always over. I’ve been spending more time with the boys. Especially Liam.

After finishing my breakfast, I grabbed my pink purse and headed out the door and across the street to Liam’s flat. We we’re heading out on a coffee date, I guess you could call it. I was just about to cross the street when I heard the door next door opens. Out came a giggling Amber with Niall following shorty behind, he was absolutely beaming.

When he noticed me his smile widened just that little bit. He unwinds himself from her, and tells her he’ll be right back when a frown forms on her face. He gives her a quick peck and then he’s bounding over to me. I force myself to smile over at him, and not let the frown take over my features. I let him engulf me in a hug, and I breathe in his scent.

“What have you been up to?” he asks with a smile.

“Nothing much really. How’s Amber?” I ask politely.

“She’s great.” He beams.

“Where you guy’s heading off to?”

“I’m taking her out to the restaurant we like. Remember that place I took you once I got off tour?”

“Yeah, it was great. I’m sure she’ll love it” I say, tucking a stray hair behind my ear. My arms crossed in front of my chest. Hoping Niall won’t notice, but it’s Niall and he knows me better than I do. He can see my guarded stance, and I can tell it’s hurting him.

Just as I go to say something else, Liam emerges from his apartment. He’s caught both of our attention now. And a small smile forms on my lips, I turn towards him. When he reaches us, I embrace him in a hug.

“Excuse me Niall, but I need to steal Rachel from you, we have a date to be getting to.” Liam says when he releases me from the embrace, keeping his arm around my waist. I can see the hurt flicker across Niall’s face and his smile turn to a small frown for a couple seconds as he looks at Liam’s arm around my waist. He then forces a tight lipped smile and said “ok, it was nice seeing you Rache. We need to hang out soon” and then he’s slowly backing away.

“Yeh, you too Niall, I’ll see you later.” Then Liam’s leading us over to his new range rover. He had gotten his license a few weeks ago. 

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