Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


14. Chapter 13 ღ spotted

Chapter Word Count: 2,709    Overall Word Count: 31,453

Hello everyone!! i know i havent updated in around around 3 weeks now almost a month! and im so sorry! everything has been extremely crazy right now, mid terms start next week and i have been absent alot in the past few weeks from school which means a lot of makeup work and no time to write. but i updated now! and i have posted the first chapter to my new story dont you ever change, please everyone go check it out, its a 1D fic with the boys being not famous. Go tell me what you guys think of it and let me know what you think of this chapter! i hope you guys like it. thank you for commenting, liking, fanning and favoriting! it means so much to see all your guys' feedback so let me know what you think in the comments

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Rachel's P.O.V.


“Hmm?” I asked surprised looking up from my breakfast.

“I asked what you wanted to do today” Niall repeated giving me a quizzical look.

“oh.” I said setting my fork down and focusing on him “I guess we could go swimming or something?” I said with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Are you okay?” he asked setting his own fork down and taking my hand into his, rubbing his thumb over the back of my hand.

I stayed silent for a few seconds, looking down at the table. I sighed and looked up at Niall’s searching concerned eyes. “I-I just don’t know right now” I said with a sigh.

Niall squeezed my hand and tried to give me the best smile he could. I uncrossed and crossed my legs under the table, shaking my foot from the leg crossed over the other.  I squeezed my eyes shut and with another sigh I opened them back up.

“I think we should give the others a call, or something so they know were okay” I say breaking eye contact and looking back down at the table. My half eaten breakfast staring angrily up at me. We had been gone for a week now. Without any contact with any of the boys or the girls. We hadn’t even been spotted once. They had a mere note from Niall explaining our absence, but that still barely told them anything. Management would definitely be angry, furious even. But it’s not like they had control over us right now, we didn’t have any mandatory events for another month and a half. I felt that we owed them something. To tell them we were safe, to calm their worry.

“Is that what you want?” Niall’s voice broke through my thoughts making me look up at him.

“Yes” I say with a tired sigh.

“Okay, we’ll do something to contact them when we get back to the hotel, okay?” he says with another squeeze to my hand.

“Thank you” I say picking my fork up with my free hand and pushing my food around, not feeling hungry anymore. I can feel Niall’s eyes not leaving my face

“You know what, I’m done eating anyways, let’s head back now” Niall says raising his free hand to signal the waiter for the check. The waiter quickly made their way over with the bill which Niall paid for in cash. He tipped the waiter and stood, holding his hand out for mine. I took his hand, letting him lace our fingers together. We both pulled sunglasses on over our eyes as we made our way to the front of the building.

There was a giant commotion going on outside, that we couldn’t quite figure out what it was. There was staff from the restaurant trying to calm the disturbed customers who were seated near the entrance. Which you could very clearly hear things going on from outside, when you got closer and closer to the entrance. Niall turned to me with furrowed eyebrows as we got closer to the entrance.

“What’s going on?” He said confused. I shrugged my shoulders and moved my hair to fall over one of my shoulders.

“I have no idea” I said as he pushed the door open his back to what was happening outside, looking over at me.

Everything got so much louder when Niall pushed the door open. There was flashes going off left and right, people yelling trying to get our attention.

“Rachel over here!”

“Niall look this way!”

“Are you two officially a couple!?!”

“Niall, is Rachel your girlfriend?!?”

“Are you two on holiday?!”

“Why did you guys dye your hair?”

“Rachel is it true your mother passed on new years to cancer?” A man with a camera asked sticking it right in my face. I was stunned. How did they find us? How could they have found us?

I felt an arm wrap around my waist pulling me into a hard chest protecting me from the bright flashes.

“Excuse me, Excuse me” I heard Niall yell as he ignored all of the questions being thrown our way and he pushed us through the crowd of paparazzi. Tears silently spilled over my cheeks as I heard some of the things being yelled at us.

“Rachel, is it true you’re whoring around with all the boys of one direction?”

“Rachel, are you using the boys fame to boost your own fame?”

“Now Niall, who’s next Zayn?”

Niall grip on my waist tightened a bit when we pushed through the crowd, he moved his hand from my waist to take my hand in his.

“Run” He yelled tightening his grip on my hand and taking off, pulling me along with him. I stumbled a bit at first but steadied myself and rang alongside Niall, my tears dried by now. Niall had a grip on his jeans and my hand. I had a hand covering Niall’s snapback that was on my head and one laced with Niall’s. We got a few blocks, before we were sure there was no lingering paparazzi. We turned a corner and lent up against the side of a brick building to catch our breath. Before I knew it I was laughing loudly clutching my stomach, shortly after Niall’s laughter slipped and intertwined with my own, echoing off of the empty alleyway next to us. I finally caught my breath and my laughter came to a slow stop, I looked up and Niall was grinning at me his cheeks were a red from the exertion from out running the paps. There was a few droplets of swear lining his forehead, and his brown hair was sticking up in every which direction. I’m sure I looked no better.

“Let’s go back to the hotel” Niall got out through a large breath. I nodded my head and took Niall’s offered hand once again. We walked a few more blocks before flagging a cab to take us back to our hotel. When it pulled up to the curb I crawled into the back seat with a laughing Niall following. Niall told the cabbie the address to our hotel as he pulled the door shut. Niall placed his arm along the top of the seats letting me lean against him as we silently watched the city fly by as we got closer and closer to the hotel.

Niall paid the cabbie when we stepped out at the hotel. I waited as he thanked him in Spanish and let Niall wrap his arm around my shoulder leading us into the hotel. It was inevitable the paparazzi would find which hotel we were staying in sooner or later, so it wouldn’t be too long before we couldn’t leave the hotel without being swarmed by paparazzi.

When we reached our room Niall closed the door behind us, and I moved around the room to our bags. I pulled my suitcase open and sighed. I sat down criss cross in front of it and pulled my laptop out from underneath everything. I grabbed it and stood back up, Niall was already sat in the center of the bed, his back leaning against the bed frame. His sunglasses resting on the night stand. He patted the spot next to him, which I obliged crawling onto the bed and sitting next to him criss cross. My laptop sat in front of us. He pulled my sunglasses off and pressed a kiss to the side of my head. And rested and hand on my knee giving it a reassuring squeeze as I opened the lid. I hit the power button and waited for it to whir to life. IT made some noise before the screen lit up with my log in screen. I typed in my password and it loaded a few seconds before bringing my dashboard into view. My background was a picture of all of us when we were in the Bahamas, right before Christmas. We were all grinning like idiots into the camera.

I stopped for a few seconds and smiled at the picture before sliding my curser over the Skype icon. I clicked it and logged in. A few seconds and it made that weird noise that it makes whenever you logged in. Before I could even check to see who was online, a call appeared in the middle of the screen, my computer started letting out the sound of a phone ringing, alerting me of the call. It was Liam. I hovered over the accept button before finally clicking it.

It loaded for a few seconds before connecting me to a 5 way call. There was Harry, well not anymore considering Cher had shoved him out of the way and was screaming, the picture was really blurry and you couldn’t see much of what was happening. Then there was Louis who didn’t even look to be paying attention to the call he was talking to someone behind the laptop, which I assume was Eleanor because as soon as Cher began yelling Louis looked back down at the screen and his eyes went wide and a girl had come over to his side confused. Zayn was in the box next to Louis’s, he was eating Chinese which fell out of his mouth when he saw us be added to the call, our little picture showing me and Niall sat side by side. There was a body next to him that looked to be a sleep and had purple hair, which I could only assume was Perrie. And then last there was Liam he had bags under his eyes and looked to be so concerned yet happy at the same time his face along with Danielle’s were extremely close to the camera almost staring disbelievingly at the screen as our camera loaded and showed us alive and well to them.

As soon as Cher’s screaming stopped it was silent, almost too silent. And then it was broken by Louis.

“What the fuck did you guys do to your hair?” he said looking at us with a confused expression, like it was the most important thing that needed to be asked.

“Umm… we didn’t want to get recognized?” I said quietly, looking at all of their faces.

Liam shook his head before saying the obvious “Where are you guys? Why did you leave? I hope you know we’ve all been worried sick about you guys” He said sternly

“Well, that’s the thing… were in Barbados...” I winced as they all yelled in outrage and surprise at what I had said “and we got papped, we don’t know how they found us. And were not coming home yet” I say

“We’ll come to you guys, we’ll be on the first flight out there!” Liam says with a shake of his head.

“It doesn’t matter, were not staying long, we wanted to be out of the media’s attention and alone, were going to be leaving for another place. Don’t worry about us we’ll be back before the tour.” Niall said moving more to be in view of the others, “were fine and alive. We’ll let you know periodically that were okay”

The others tried to protest and then gaped at us. And then we disconnected.

“Okay that was a bit harsh” I say turning towards Niall accusingly. He grinned sheepishly and raised his shoulders in a shrug.

“Hey it wouldn’t matter anyways what they had to say.” He said declining the numerous calls that began showing up on my screen immediately, he logged out then pulled up an internet browser, typing in the airport that was closest to us and bringing up list of places we could get tickets for.

“How about Italy?” Niall asked looking over the many places.

I smiled and agreed getting up to start packing up as Niall booked the tickets.

“Our flights at 7 which leaves us about 2 hours and we need to check in in an hour so we need to get leaving soon.” He said shutting my laptop down and handing it to me to pack away. Niall called the lobby to have a cab arrive in a half hour. We finished packing and moved to the lobby. Niall checked us out and we grabbed our bags. We pushed our way through numerous paparazzi. Niall helped the cabbie with putting our luggage In the boot as I climbed into the back seat of the cab. A few minutes later and Niall was sliding in beside me and the cabbie slid into the front seat, pulling off the curb we began our long drive to the airport. I pulled my phone out and turned it on for the first time in a week.

My phone vibrated for a good 5 minutes straight before it silenced there was over a hundred missed calls from the boys, my father and the girls. There were numerous text messages all from them too. I was going through a few of the messages when my phone vibrated once again, I looked along the top and it showed I had a text message from Niall, I opened it up and it was a picture of us. We were on the beach. It was from a few days ago, we had asked a pedestrian to take a picture for us. Niall had his arm along my shoulder pulling me in closer, he was wearing one of his loose tank tops and a pair of swim trunks. He was clearly laughing in the picture, he had his sunglasses hanging off of his shirt and his brown hair was pushed back, slick with water. There were clear water droplets on his arms and chest. My arm was crossed over his stomach resting before his hip, as I was frozen mid laugh, my mouth opened widely. My hair was falling over my shoulder wet from the water. I was in my bathing suit top and a pair of shorts over my bottoms. My shirt hanging out of my back pocket.  My sunglasses hung from my top. My flip flops were held in my hand.

Then my phone vibrated again, another picture appeared from that very same day, taken moments before the first. We were smiling widely into the camera leaning in to each other. And then another appeared we were pulling faces at the camera.

I grinned widely biting my lip as I saved the pictures to my camera roll. I set the laughing one as my background then opened twitter as I felt Niall’s gaze on the side of my head. I hadn’t tweeted in a few weeks considering everything.

@RachelAdamsOfficial: Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while, sorry have been going through a lot right now, it’s true my mother passed away from cancer. I’m stronger now and I have more motivation to do great. It’s for her.

I hit sent then opened another new tweet to send out.

@RachelAdamsOfficial: Spain was great therapy with @NiallOfficial

I attached the picture of Niall and I, grinning at the camera and hit send. I closed the app before I could read all the responses that would certainly be flooding my mentions. I heard Niall’s phone vibrate with the notification of my tweet. He chuckled as he read the tweet. He locked his phone and pulled me into his side with a grin. I smiled and pulled my headphones out of my pocket. I plugged them into my phone it hit shuffle. I pushed my ear buds in and music filled my ears as Niall and I once again watched the city fly by us as we got closer and closer to the airport.

“When she was just a girl, she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach so she ran away in her sleep. And dreamed of para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise. Every time she closed her eyes. When she was just a girl, she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth. Life goes on, it gets so heavy. The wheel breaks the butterfly, every tear a waterfall. In the night the stormy night she'll close her eyes. In the night the stormy night away she'd fly.”

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