Reality ruined my life

**Complete** They've been friends since they were tots. They've grown since they were younger, but there still the same kids at heart, that would do anything for their best friend. Falling in love is near impossible when its so hard to find people you can even trust with simple secrets when your famous.Trusting someone with your heart is a big deal.When every relationship you have, whether its platonic or more, is scrutinized and analysed by millions of people, can be very intimidating. Niall would do anything to protect Rachel and have her be happy even if that means he has to watch her date his band mate. Even if that means hiding his true feelings.


13. Chapter 12 ღ his smile

Chapter Word Count: 3,003    Overall Word Count: 28,436

Hey everyone! i got the chapter finished earlier then i expected, so i thought is post it tonight. It's probably double what i usually write for updates it was 3,003 words. im going to start posting how many words are in each chapter to see how long this fic becomes, so if you go back to other chapters there will be how many words were in the chapter in the authors note. also i want to thank the people who have been so understanding with how i cant update so frequently also thank you everyone because ive gotten over 1400 reads on this story. thanks for fanning, favoriting, likeing and commenting. i hope you enjoy the chapter. Also be sure to go check out my CONTEST im having in my coming soon fic Dont You Ever Change.

<3 Bee


Niall’s P.O.V.

It was too early to be awake; the sun wasn’t even up and shining yet. The longer I sat in bed; I could feel myself growing wide awake. I reached my arm out to pull Rachel into my chest but all I was met with was cold sheets instead of a warm body. My eyes shot open. Rachel wasn’t next to me in fact the blankets looked like she hadn’t even slept under them. Yanking the blankets off of my body, I let my feet hit the carpeted floor. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I scanned the room. Her bags weren’t there. No sign at all that she had been here. The alarm clock on the bedside table was glaring at me. 4:26 it read in bright red. As I quickly made my way out of the door way and down the hall to the stairs all I heard was silence.

No one else was awake. I flipped light switches on as I made my way around the house. Nothing. When I made my second trip through the kitchen I saw the note. It was sitting in the middle of the table, Rachel’s neat scrawl written over the front of the folded piece of paper.

I picked the folded piece of paper up with shaking hands. Niall was scrawled across the front. I took a deep breath and unfolded the paper.



I’m sorry I didn’t wake you with a good morning kiss. I’m sorry I’m not there to explain to you everything that’s going through my head. I’m sorry you have to find out through a note, after you had probably just woken up to an empty bed. I’m so incredibly sorry. I just… I need some time away. Not from you, but everyone. Too much is happening right now. I need to get away from all of this. It’s too much for me. I’m not trying to push you away. I just… I need to be away from everyone’s leering eyes, and questions and the constant reminder that my mom just died of cancer, and that I’ll never see her again. It’s so hard Niall, I can only be strong for so long before all my walls come crashing down, and I can’t hold it in anymore. It’s so hard to be strong. I love the life we live, but it’s so hard when you’re getting people telling you that your mom deserved what she got, and that they hope you get cancer too, so they can have your boyfriend. I love you to pieces Niall, you’re my other half, but I can’t be in the public eye right now. I can’t deal with the hate that’s pouring in. It just makes everything ten times worse than it already was. I’m not going away forever. I’ll be back soon, I promise. I just need to get away. I’m flying back to London to get some of my things than I’m catching a one way flight. I’m so sorry Niall. I’m so sorry, I love you. I love you so much, don’t forget that.

Rachel xx

There were dried tear splatters on the bottom of the page below her signature, my own tears splattering across the page, landing over the dried ones. I wiped the tears away with the sleeve of my shirt. I stuffed the note in my pocket and ran upstairs. I called a cab as I gathered all of my things. I stuffed my wallet into my pajamas pocket as the cab pulled up outside. I stuffed my feet into my supras, running out the door, calling to the cabbie. “DUBLIN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT! AND QUICK!”

The startled cabbie floored it after I had dove into the back seat. He made quick time and we were at the airport in no time. I tipped him an extra 100 pounds as I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the cab. I rushed to the ticket counter, there were few people trying to catch flights considering it was 5 in the morning.

“First flight to Heathrow please” I said a bit breathless to the stunned ticket lady. I must have looked a right mess, I was still in my pajamas, my hair was a mess and my eyes were sure to be puffy from my crying.

“There’s a flight that leaves in 10 minutes sir but the terminals on-” she said rapidly typing on her computer.

“I’ll take it” I interrupted her handing over my credit card. She swiped my card and then handed the ticket over.

 I had 5 minutes to get to my terminal. I’m not in good enough shape for this much running.

Rachel’s P.O.V.

I slammed the cab door shut after paying the cabbie. I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder and made my way to my front door. I slipped in and found my luggage from the trip. I dropped my duffle on the ground and went upstairs to take a quick shower.

It was like I was moving on my own accord. Almost robotically. I took my shower, I changed into clothing that I’ve probably only worn once before. Oh, the lovely perks of being a pop star. You have so many clothes that you probably where everything once before it gets lost in your massive closet.

I had pulled on a pair of yoga paints and a bulky knit sweater. I threw my still damp hair up in a bun before I began to pack. I didn’t even look at what I was packing. Whatever my hand came in contact with I pulled off its hanger and stuffed it into a suitcase. I had a suitcase and a duffle bag stuffed when I finally stopped reaching for things. I lugged my suitcases downstairs, grabbing my purse and headed out the door to the waiting taxi that had just arrived.

I slid on my aviators and put my ear buds in. The music encasing me in my own little world. Only a little while longer till id be away from all the wandering eyes. Back to the airport for the second time today.

Niall’s P.O.V.

I quickly strode off the plane when it was safe for us to get off. As soon as I got service on my phone I rang her cell phone. It rang once, twice, three times then went to voicemail.

Looking down at my watch I saw that is was 5:45. Please still be here. Please.

I rushed through all the people trying to get to their terminals. I didn’t see a familiar brown haired girl anywhere, and that’s when I saw the first flash go off. I pulled at my hair in distress as I searched the sea of moving people.

*flash* *flash* *flash*

How could the paparazzi already know I was here? And that’s when it caught me. The flashes weren’t aimed at me, but a girl at the ticket counter. She had aviators on and she had a dainty hand up blocking her face, shielding the flashes from her eyes. The paparazzi were throwing questions at her left and right. She looked exhausted. Her hair was up and looked wet but from where I was I couldn’t tell. She looked to be arguing with the ticket girl. Her hands were shaking just that tad bit.

As I got closer and closer to the girl I could hear what the paps were yelling.





 And that’s when I grew angry.  I could tell she was crying now, and it seemed like the ticket girl was a little lost on what to do.

Airport security had showed up to escort the paps out for making a disturbance, they continued to yell jeers at her trying to get a reaction. The flashing grew even more when they saw me push through the crowd glaring at them.

“Leave her alone.” I said quite loudly as I finally made it to Rachel. Her head snapped up in my direction when she heard me.

She stared at me gaping with wide tear filled eyes. “Niall?” she said just above a whisper.

“It’s alright love, I’m right here. Everything’s going to be okay.” I said pulling her into my arms. She buried her head in my neck, as I tightened my grip around her.

The ticket lady was staring at us with wide eyes. I gave her a reassuring smile.

“Make that, two tickets to wherever she’s going” I said quietly to her as Rachel continued to cry into my shoulder.

She nodded her head quickly and took my credit card when I handed it to her. In a few minutes she was handing me back my credit card and two tickets.

“Spain?” I laughed a little.

“Shut up.” She said, but it was muffled by my shirt “was the first place I thought of.”

She pulled back looking at me with teary eyes. “You can’t come with me.”

“I can. And I am.”

“No, you can’t do this, what will your fans think?”

“What will yours think?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

Rachel’s P.O.V.

“What will yours think?” He retorted. Ok he’s got a point there, but it’s not like ill have every freaking girl in the world going through mayhem when they realize I’m missing, unlike someone.

“they’d understand me taking a break for a while, but your fans, they’d probably implode.”

“They’ll live. You’re the only person I care about. I love you. They’re not you so they’re not my top priority. I’ll follow you wherever you go. Just to make sure you’re okay. You’re my world, okay” He said shaking my shoulders a little as if that would make me see clearer.

“Rachel, Okay?”


“Okay.” And a teary smile found its way on to both of our faces.  I leant up on tiptoes and connected our lips. A smile already made its way on to my lips. This boy. My boy, I corrected myself.

When we pulled apart Niall pecked my forehead and laced our hands together. He pulled me to our terminal where we sat and waited for almost an hour. More and more people came and joined us as it became closer and closer to when we could board the plane.

We sat in mostly silence. I was curled up in Niall’s lap, my head resting on his shoulder as he played with my hair.

“Did you tell the boys you were leaving?”

“Nope.” He replied popping the ‘p’.

I shot up from where I was with wide eyes. “They’re going to kill you!”

“Rachel calm down, it’ll be fine. You said you wanted to get away. So were getting away, no public, no distractions. Just us. They’ll understand, okay. I left a note.”

“You’re not going to tell them where were going are you?”

“No, Rachel. I’m not. Just us remember. Just us. No one else.”

“Just us. No one else” I repeated, letting my head fall back to his shoulder. His arms tightened around me keeping me close.

“Everyone’s going to be so mad at us”

“they’ll get over it” He smiled down at me, his braces reflecting in the light.


“That’s us” I said sliding off of Niall’s lap. Linking our fingers together we made our way into the line to board the plane. When we boarded the plane and made our way to our seats, Niall gave my hand a reassuring squeeze before sitting down.

After takeoff was over and we could take our seatbelts off and turn electronics on Niall and I immediately pulled out our phones.

I went into setting and flipped it to airplane mode then put my ear buds in once again. I hit shuffle and waited for a song to pop up.

“My head is stuck in the clouds. She begs me to come down, says boy quit fooling around. I told her, I love the view from up here, warm sun and wind in my ear. We’ll watch the world from above, as it turns from the rhythm of love. We may only have tonight, but till the morning sun your mine.”

I swayed my head to the beat of the song. I tapped my feat against the empty seat in front of me. Niall was playing angry birds, and let this be known, we are terrible at angry birds. To the point where it’s almost pitiful how bad both of us are at it.

He seemed concentrated, his tongue sticking out at the side, his brows furrowed and his fingers rapidly moving across the screen on his phone. He was still in his rumpled pajamas and his hair was an utter mess, he looked like he hadn’t slept either. He looked rather crazy.

He must of felt my gaze because he looked up from his game smiling at me, with a smile that he never gave anyone else but me. Where his eyes crinkled at the sides and his eyes were almost sparkling. He lent in giving me a quick peck, placing a hand on my knee and going back to his game. I placed my soft hand over his large calloused ones, from playing guitar. He flipped his hand over to thread his fingers with mine. And I realized, I couldn’t love this boy more than I did in that moment.

He’s taking such a risk to be here with me. This boy was my life. He had my heart, and I had a feeling I wouldn’t ever be getting it back.


“Niall, walk faster”

“Rachel, do you know how hard it is to carry a suitcase, 2 duffle bags and have you on your back? No I didn’t think so, so calm down” he laughed.

“But I’m tired” I whined, tightening my grip around his neck “I just want to get to the hotel, and take a nap and cuddle. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?” I huffed into his shoulder.

“You’re really too much” he laughed, jumping a little, because I had begun to fall down his back.

We hadn’t been noticed yet but we have gotten a few curios stares, which wasn’t unusual considering we were quite loud people. And when you put us together it’s like handing us mega phones to yell into. No paparazzi had spotted us either. We had both turned off our phones when we landed, so we wouldn’t have to ignore any calls or texts from anyone.

In no time Niall had flagged a cab down and we were on our way to the nearest hotel. Niall had dumped me into the back seat, laughter tumbling out of our mouths as the cabbie scowled at us and muttered under his breath in Spanish.


Once we had checked into the hotel and I had gotten my much needed nap and cuddle, we were back up and getting ready to go out.

We would definitely need to go clothing shopping considering Niall had barely any clothes and I really should have paid attention to what I was packing.

I rummaged through my bag and found something fairly decent that I could wear. It was a pair of denim shorts and a loose grey tee shirt. I slipped on a pair of black vans as Niall pulled on the only pair of jeans he had with him and his green free hugs tee shirt. He slipped on his supras and pulled a snapback on over his messy blond tufts of hair.

Honestly, he looked adorable. But what am I saying, he’s always adorable. He stuffed his wallet in his back pocket as I grabbed my shoulder bag. We laced our fingers together and made our way out of the hotel, both of us simultaneously pulling our sunglasses down over our eyes.


Niall definitely wasn’t a stupid boy. He immediately knew what was about to happen as we stepped into the hair salon. And he was not too happy about it.

“You can’t be serious right now. Right, Rachel?”

“Babe, we have to or we’ll get recognized.”


“Niall you can always dye it back, plus you look handsome as a brunette” I said pressing a kiss to his pouting lips.

“And I’m dying mine too, so it’s not like you’re doing it alone.”

“Please Niall” I said sticking my bottom lip out.

“Fine.” He huffed letting the hair dresser lead him over to a seat.

Victorious once again, I smiled triumphantly as the other hair dresser led me over to the seat next to Niall’s.

“And even if we look ridiculous, we can look ridiculous together” I smiled over at him through the mirror. At least it got him to crack a grin back at me.

Maybe 2 hours later, we were finally finished. Niall’s once golden locks were not a chocolaty brown, styled with some gel. My hair had been dyed blond, so blond it looked whitish, with blackish grey highlights or lowlights I couldn’t tell you what the difference between them were. I looked completely different. I don’t think anyone will be recognizing us any time soon.

“ok we don’t look ridiculous” Niall said admiring his brown locks.

“ok don’t be so vane, let’s go” I laughed tugging on Niall’s sleeve after I had paid for our dye jobs.

“I’m not!” he protested with a big grin. He ruffled my hair before wrapping an arm around my waist tugging me into his side.

“You look very cute though” he smiled down at me pecking my forehead.

“You look very handsome yourself” I laughed as we made our way into a clothing store. This was going to take a while, but I had Niall who always kept a smile on my face. Making me feel alive after how empty I felt. Man, it’s scary how much I love this boy.

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