one direction imagines :)

ill do any for you no dirty ones leave your name hair color eye color and your band member you want ;)


3. logan for harry

"hey hey hi hey haz hazza hazzie harry ....HAROLD EDWARD STYLES GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED" you have been trying to wake him up for an hour he just wont wake up "ok u left me no choice" you went to the attack grabbed the doll harry absolutly HATES and go back to the bedroom and place it by him and go make breakfest *1hourlater*AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LOGAN HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP"you hear harrry scream "yes darling whats the problem?" you say with sarcasm in your voice "thats it lo lo" you spend the rest of your day running away from harry while he chases you with a handful of flower waiting to get you back

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