one direction imagines :)

ill do any for you no dirty ones leave your name hair color eye color and your band member you want ;)


6. liam for jadeen

"liam leeyuuumm oohhhh leeeeeeeeeeyyyyuuuuummm liam daddy directioner" liam would not come down stairs to watch toy story so you decided to prank him "LIIIIAAAAAMMMMMMMMM HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPP IIIIII GGOOOOOTTTTT SSSHHHHOOOOOTTTTT" liam comes rolling down the stairs only to relize that your fine so he started to walk up the stairs again "liam you promised you would watch toy story with me" you said while in a begging mode "finneee anything for my flower" and you guys watched toy story movies all night long until you both fell asleep in eachothers arms

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