one direction imagines :)

ill do any for you no dirty ones leave your name hair color eye color and your band member you want ;)


2. jackie for harry

"cmon pleeeaaaseeee jac?" harry said "no harry your not going to mess up my nails again" harry has been buggung you all week to paint your nails the last time you let him do this nail polish ended up in your hair "pleaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" "ugh fine but if you mess it up you have to...... buy me the bag ive been drooling over for the past week"you say "you mean this one?"he held up a perfectly cut bag with orange and pink all over it and the letter J for your name "NO FREAKING WAY GET THE NAIL POLISH BUDDY BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND" you say grabbing the bag while harry dashes to your room to get the nail polish



srry if you dont like it u can ask me for another one if u want  

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