one direction imagines :)

ill do any for you no dirty ones leave your name hair color eye color and your band member you want ;)


7. harry for bryanne

you were making cupcakes in the kitchen for no apparent reason you just love to do that while you were frosting them you noticed you got some on your shirt so you went up changed and went back down stairs only to see harry (your boyfriend) shoving all of them in his mouth at once "HArrY WHAt THe HEll? you say 'i tdgjjs djeue jskdju uf u ufususdu" harry said while putting more cupcakes in his mouth "what did u say" harry spat em out and said "there irristable just like you" you just laugh and walk away 10 minutes later harry is bouncing around the house because he found the candy you saved from halloween "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO" were harrys last words until he passed out on the couch sleeping like a baby

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