What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


40. Chapter 39

(Lucy's POV)


"Liam! Quit!" I squealed, as I jumped through the door. We had just gotten back from a picnic in the park. Liam had set out the big red and white checkerboard design. The basket was 2 handled with flaps that opened on both sides. He had packed egg casserole and cookies. He had made the whole date cliché and cheesy. Just the way I liked it.


"but what if I don't wanna?" he asked, continuing to chase me, tickling my sides.


"its mean!" I giggled as he chased me to the kitchen.


Suddenly it was quiet behind me. I turned around and Liam was nowhere to be seen.


"Liam?" I whispered. "Where did you go?" it remained quiet. Slowly I started roaming through the house, staying quiet and alert as I was expecting him to jump out any second.


I went to the bathroom 5 minutes later with still no sign of Liam. after going to the bathroom I entered my room again, calling out to Liam.


"Liam! where are you?"


"the real question," he said, suddenly appearing by the door, "Is where are you?" 


"god you scared the shit out of me."


" Lucy, where are you?" he whispered, squatting down and placing his head in his hands. " please tell me where you are." He was freaking out about me? Why? I'm standing right in front of him.


"Liam I'm standing right here." he didn't seem to hear me. "Liam?"


His head shot up. he searched around the room, he had heard me but couldn't see me. "Lucy. where the hell are you?" he said again, but more sternly.


Suddenly the room around me changed. I was no longer in my purple and teal room. I was in a room with dull grey concrete walls, cracks running from ceiling to floor in multiple spots. The floorboards were old and creaked with every step. There was a small bed in the corner with an old TV on the other side of the room.


"Lucy I need an address."


The tone in his voice was urgent. I quickly ran to the kitchen. After searching through many drawers I ran back upstairs with an envelope in my hand.


"here Liam." I tried to give it to him, but he didn't take it. I quickly shoved it in his pocket. As I was doing this I heard the front door open and close. I went to go around Liam to see who had arrived but he suddenly snapped out whatever trance he was in.


" Let's watch a movie" he sad sweetly as if nothing had ever happened.


"um... OK." he went over and pulled 'The Notebook' out of what seemed. like thin air. I sat down on the bed and. he soon joined me. We were. cuddled together, his arms wrapped around my waist and my head rested on his chest.


the movie hadn't even been on for ten minutes wen he started talking.


"you know I love you right?" he said.


I looked up at him, "of course. And no matter what happens I will always love you."


I rested my head back on his chest. It was quiet for a few more minutes until he spoke again. " Wake up you whore."


I sat back, shocked. "what?"


"I said wake up you little whore." he said, but his voice was not his. It was to deep and demanding. Then, right before my eyes, Liam started disappearing. Literally fading out of my arms. That's when I felt my eyes slowly opening. I groggily looked up to see a big buff bald guy standing at the foot of the old dingy bed I was laying in.


"who are you?" I said.


"Tom. But That doesn't matter. All that matters is that you do what you're told. Understand?" I nodded. "good. Now lay down," he said moving closer and kneeling on the bed.


It was real. Liam was a dream. Being taken, wasn't.


I feel my eyes widen as realization hits me. "no. please. I'll do anything just please not that" I pleaded, attempting to move from the bed.


"oh just shut up." he said, grabbing my hair and throwing me back on the bed. Soon he was climbing on top of me, tugging hard at the sweats I had worn. I squeezed my eyes shut, refusing to let tears show. Until he pulled at my panties. Then it all came out. Every unshed tear from the first time being kidnapped, from being cheated on and heartbroken by Nick, to losing Liam the first and second time. Before I even got to explain anything. now I'm being raped. AGAIN! I had hoped Liam would be the one. The only one I would have sex with ever again. That hope is gone now. Gone for good.


" shhhhhhh. shy don't cry baby. It'll be over before you know it." Tom whispered into my ear, wiping away my tears.


'not soon enough,' I thought, squeezing my eyes shut again.


I heard him groan as he slowly entered me, making my tears flow harder. Repeatedly, he grunts and moans as he thrust in and out. By now he had managed to pull off the tank top I was wearing and was fondling my breast in his mouth. I felt dirty. Like I was covered in invisible mud that weighed 10 pounds.


•••••••COULDN'T WRITE ANYMORE!! sorry•••••••


I could feel his breath, heavy in my ear as his thrust become slower and sloppy and my tears keep coming harder in every second. I feel his juices release inside of me as he reaches his climax.


He collapses on top of me, passed out cold, cutting off my ability to breath. I try my hardest to get him off before he kills me from suffocation. I struggle for 5 minutes before I realize its useless. I'm going to die. I was just raped by a second man and now he is going to kill me.


My breathing becomes slower and slower as I think about the ones I love, telling them goodbye.


 Goodbye Nina


Goodbye Harry


Goodbye Louis


Goodbye Zayn


Goodbye Niall


Goodbye- suddenly Tom is lifted off of me and my air ways clear, however my vision is slowly clouding as I begin to pass out. I know Tom is still out so I frantically search for my savior before I go. The image I see is enough to make my life. I see one curly head, one Blondie, one head with black hair and a blonde streak, I see sea blue gorgeous eyes, I see a random girl standing next to Harry, and I see my best friend. my sister. I then search a little more to come face to face with the chocolate brown eyes I fell in love with.


"what are you doing here?" I whisper.


"Lucy," is all I hear him say before the blackness surrounds me.

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