What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


37. Chapter 36

I wanna start by saying I am so sorry for anybody that knew someone in the Newtown shooting. It was tradgic. If anybody watched XFactor USA, 12/19, I cried during the dedication: :'(

Anyways, Sorry for the late updates. We are in the middle of final exams :| over in Friday then BREAK!! And, (if the world doesnt end! Lol;) We are hoping to finish before January 3rd. That's when we go back to school.


(Nina's POV)

As Lucy hung up I felt a pain in my head. I gripped the bridge of my nose. I walked to the bathroom when I heard Liam mumbling something through the door. I quietly opened the door to see him sitting at the window. He was looking out and talking on his phone. 

"I'm saying......I'm saying were over." He said. He hung up the phone and through it at the wall. 

I gasped. He quickly turned around and jumped. 


"How could you!? HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO HER!!!" I screamed. I flung myself at him. I started hitting him. I punched his nose and felt a crack underneath my hand. I was suddenly pulled off by Niall. 

"Nina what the hell!" Liam screeched, clutching his nose. 

"Nina what's going on?" Niall asked. All the boys burst into the room. They stared at my red hand and Liam's bloody nose which was turning all sorts of colors. They all stared at me. 

"Nina?" Harry asked. 

I ignored him. 

"HOW COULD YOU?" I yelled. Liam flinched. 


"SHE LEFT ME NINA! I CAN'T TRUST HER!" He screamed back. 

"HER GRANDMOTHER DIED YOU TWAT!" This hit him. He gasped. And quickly went silent.

"But YOU wouldn't know that because your so immature that you left the room and didn't listen to her! You didn't deserve her anyways." I hissed. 

He went silent and slumped down to the floor holding his broken nose. Tears slid down his face. 

"I hope she never talks to you again so you can live with the pain of losing her everyday. I hope you enjoy that nice little broken nose too. You deserve it. Now if you DON'T mind I am going to find my sister." With that I turned and walked out the door. Niall chased after me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me against the wall, pinning me.

"Niall I-" 

He slapped a hand over my mouth. 

"Let me say this first. Watching you go all fight mode is completely hot.  And your pretty cute when your kicking ass." 

He pressed his lips against mine and smiled. 

"I'm coming with you." He said. 

"No Niall. Your staying here." I said. 

He shook his head. 

"No way. I'm not leaving you alone." He said. 

I sighed. 

"Fine. But I'm leaving first thing tomorrow." I said. He nodded and kissed me again. I started thinking of Lucy. I hope she's okay. What if the killers find her again? The thought made me sick. 

"Maybe tonight." I said. 

Niall kissed me one last time and ran to his room to grab his stuff. I grabbed mine as well. We packed in silence. When we were done I called the airport while Niall called the taxi service to take us. We were waiting on the porch when the taxi pulled up. As we left I saw the boys all standing outside. Liam was holding his nose which had started to swell and was black and blue. They all waved bye and we took off to the airport.


Sitting on the plane, I tried Lucy's cell. 

"Hello?" She answered. 

"Lucy. Hi honey. It's me." I said. 

"Hi nina. Why are you calling?" 

"Lucy. Me and Niall are on our way to come get you. I had a little chat with Liam."

"Nina. He- he b-b-b-b-roke up w-with m-me. " she stammered. 

"I know honey." I said. 

She sniffed. 

"You do?" She questioned. 

"Yeah. I heard him say it. He didn't know I was there." I replied. 

"And what did you do?" She asked. 

"I broke his nose." I said. 

"Nina!" She complained. 

"No Lucy. He deserved it. He is such an ass!" I said. 

Niall giggled beside me and patted my knee. 


"Yes Luce?"

"I love you."

"I love you too Lucy. Now stay inside until I get there!" 

We said goodbye and I hung up the phone. Niall kissed my neck. I sighed. I ordered a drink from the lady and drank it fast. After a few more I heard Niall whisper something to her. She nodded and brought me another drink. After a few sips my head got fuzzy. I yawned and Niall pulled me into him. 

"What did you have her put into my drink?" I said between yawns. 

"Just a sleeping pill. Or two. Or three." He grinned 

"Niall." I groaned.

"You know you wouldn't of slept if I hadn't." He said. 

I knew he was right. I took one more great big yawn. 

"Rest well my love. I  will wake you when we arrive." He whispered as I drifted into my drugged up dream land.


So hope you enjoyed it! Again, sorry for the late updates:)

Q: where is everybody from? Molly and I are both from Missouri!! Comment with answers and FAVORITE!! Love ya'll!!
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