What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


32. Chapter 31

(Lucy's POV)

"Hello everybody! I'm Kate! And welcome to Good Morning Venice!"

We were at the interview. Nina and I were sitting on a small couch behind the camera as it began.

"so what happened with you and Liam yesterday?" Nina inquired.

"oh... Um. I told him."

"did you really?" I nodded. "and what did he say? When he got back to the hotel after you told Harry." I shrugged. "oh c'mon... He must have said something."

"no. He didn't say anything. I don't know what we are anymore..."

"and this... IS ONE DIRECTION!" the interviewer yelled, grabbing our attention. Soon the boys were on stage, waving and smiling. I saw Liam look at me and we held each others gaze for a moment. There was something on his mind. I could tell...

"so boys," Kate began, "lets get right down to business! Who is taken and who is a single Pringles?"

Zayn was the first to raise his hand, "taken" he said smiling.

"I as well!" Louis practically shouted.

"and me." Niall said.

"ooooohhhhh!!! Nialler has a girl! Who is she Niall? Is this her?" 

A picture of Niall and Nina popped up on the screen and Niall nodded. "yes but we aren't ready to give out her name yet. Sorry" he said with a smile that said 'sorry not sorry'.

"poo. Oh well. What about Mr. Bachelor over there. Harry? Any girls?"

"well there is one." he said, earning surprised looks from everyone in the room. "but it isn't definite yet so technically, single."

She nodded, taking this in, then turned to Liam. "and you?"

I looked down at my hands, not being able to watch him answer this. I hear a
Collective gasp from the crowd. Nina nudges my arm. I raise my head to see Liam, grabbing my hand and pulling me on the stage, right in front of the camera.

"um... Liam. What are you doing?" I hear Louis ask from behind him.

Liam look straight into my eyes, "Lucy. I know your scared and hurt from the past, but I will go to my grave protecting you. I will never let anything happen. Please forgive me for yesterday." he whispered the last part.bathe silence in the room was bold. Almost like you could hear a pin drop. But in this moment of silence I realized anything I ever needed to, just simply by looking in Liam's tear filled eyes.

"I love you Liam Payne." I said.

First he looked shocked. Then he said, "I love you Lucy." then bent down and kissed me. On national television.

And awkward cough came from behind him. Liam released me as he went to sit back on the couch. 

"Wait where are you going?" Katie said, " get over here with your boyfriend. Soon I was on the couch, avoiding questions at all costs.


Is been 2 hours since the interview. We were on our way back into the hotel after eating some peri peri chicken.

I felt Liam's hand fall into mine as Louis was telling us some ridiculous story about a hat filled with salt from and xfactor video diary.

I felt my phone buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out and looked at it.

'unknown number'

I pressed the ignore button. I don't like answering strangers.

Now Louis was talking about... Kevin?

30 seconds after it stopped ringing, it started again.

'unknown number'

Again? I excuse myself from the room and go outside to the balcony. As soon as I'm outside I answer my phone, looking though my window as Louis does some idiotic hand gesture that makes him look like a bird.

"hello?" I say.

"Hello. Is this Lucy Hanes?"

"this is her."

There was a pause on the other end of the line, my gut instantly dropped as I turned my back to the window and faced the town below.

"yes. This is Llandod local hospital. I'm afraid I have some bad news."

Within the next 30 seconds, I fell on the ground to my knees, crying. How did this happen?
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