What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


4. Chapter 3

(Lucy's POV)

"Everything okay?" Liam asked as we climbed back into the van.

"Yup. We're ready when you are." Nina said. God, I'm gonna kill her for getting us into this. I sat down next to Liam and Nina sat next to Niall. The van slowly started to take off.

"soooooo......." Zayn started. There was an awkward tension running through the atmosphere.

"so?" Nina said, ever so bluntly.


We all laughed and I looked a Nina expectantly. Unfortunately, she was looking at me the same way. I sigh, and sit up straighter.

"my name is Lucy Marie Hanes. I'm 18. My favorite color is baby blue. I love to dance. Nina and I are currently ranked 2 in the state for our dancing. I have 3 brother, 4 sisters, and 1 niece. I'm quiet until you get to know me, then I may never shut up" I pause when I see Nina nodding her head in agreement. I stick my tongue out at her. "I guess you can say I have trust issues because of things I've been through. I'm thoughtful, very much so.  Sometime I over think. Ok. Always, I over think. I'm nice. To nice. That's why Nina and I are such good friend. She will go kick anyone's ass for me."

I sit back as Nina starts telling about herself. Paying no attention, I take a moment to study the boy on the other side of me. He has brown hair that's curled. He eyes are green. Bright green. When he smiled, it's lopsided. Like is only trying to smile with half of his mouth. But when he does smile, a little dimple appears. Harry! That's his name!

"you like what you see, love?" he asks. Damn! I was caught!

"not really. I just like to know what our kidnappers look like so I can inform the police." I shoot Nina a look. If there's one thing I'm good at its lying. I know that's not a good thing to be good at but when you have a history like mine, you have to. Nina gets my glance and begins playing along. Becoming silent and staring at Zayn.

"whoa! You climbed into the van willingly!" Zayn yells noticing Nina's stare. I'm now staring at Louis who is munching on a carrot. I don't want to freak them out to bad...

"fine. We won't tell the police.... On one condition."

"and what would that be?" Liam asks from beside me.

"Louis," he looks up at me, "take me to a McDonalds!!!!"

"Girl... I am not your slave!"

"suite yourself!" I looked at Nina, a sly smile spreading across both our faces.



"What do you me—"


Both of us were down in sobs now, thrashing around the van trying to get out, even though the door was easily accessible. We could both cry on command, one of the joys in being part of the dramatic arts. 

Suddenly, there's a hand over my mouth and an arm around my waist. Instead of trying to scream through the hand, like Nina, I instantly go silent.

"ok! Fine! We will take you to McDonald's." I hear Harry's voice behind me. Nina catches my eye and immediately goes silent. As we exchange the unsaid message she gets serious. Trying her hardest, Niall doesn't let her out of his grip. She's struggling hard before Zayn finally speaks up. 

"NIALL!! Let her go! She's freaking out." 

Nails hands drop as if Nina's on fire and within seconds Nina is by my side. Yanking me from Harry's grasp and pulling me into the hug of my best friend.

"don't do that to her." I hear her telling Harry.

"do what? All I did was grab her and shut her up." he says defensively. The van stopped and Nina drags me towards the door, ready to hop out.

"exactly." she responds coldly.
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