What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


29. Chapter 28

(Nina's POV)

"Nina what the hell?" Niall shrieked jumping from the couch. 

I gripped the gun tighter in my hand. I threw open the door again to face him. He had a crooked grin and was leaning against the door frame. 

"Good to see you too. See I almost thought you forgot about me. I guess I was wrong." A devilish grin played on his lips. 

I wanted to smack it off his face. 

"What the hell are you doing here Austin? Is this some sick game?" I nearly screamed at him. 

"No no no. Nina. A lady should never yell. Unless its in bed." He grinned and I hit his chest with the gun. He gasped a little in pain. 

"Don't do that. Come now. Put the gun down and let's have a chat."

"I will not put the gun down until you leave." I said. 

I felt a hand on my hip. I glanced up to see Niall. His expression was stone hard. He looked mad. 

"I don't think I appreciate you barging in and saying rude things to my girlfriend." Niall said. 

My head snapped up. Girlfriend? What?

"Sorry old chap. It's just been a while since ive seen her. I heard she was in town. I thought I'd drop by and say hello." His grin grew wider."Austin you need to leave. NOW!" I screamed. 

He shook his head as if it were a game. 

"Admit it Nina. You miss this body." He winked and Niall nearly punched him. Then he looked at me. 

"Nina what is he talking about?"

"Oh so she didn't tell you?" Austin asked. His smirk was irritating me. 

"Well you see- what's your name?"Austin asked. 

"Niall." He spat through a clenched jaw. 

"Well Niall. Me and your little slutty girlfriend had a little hot moment after a party on New Years. She just couldn't keep her hands off me-" he smiled and I interrupted him. 

Niall gasped and jumped back. It took him one millisecond to process what had just been said before he leapt forward and punched Austin right in the nose. Austin yelped and went stumbling backwards. Stumbling right into Zayn. Louis and Harry were there too. When had they gotten there? I hadn't even realized they were there. What had they heard?Apparently they heard a lot because Zayn's face was frozen in an angry way and he punched Austin in the gut. 

I dropped the gun and before it could hit the floor, Harry had grabbed it and was placing it on the table. Niall, Louis, and Zayn were standing over Austin. I watched as he rolled in pain. He definitely was not expecting to come see me and have 4 boys hot on his tail. Harry pulled me into the apartment. I heard the other boys talking to the security guard. After a moment they came back in. Niall didn't even stop. He walked right past me. A sob popped out of my throat. 

"Niall I-" I started. 

"Just stop. Why didn't you tell me? I thought we told each other everything!?" He yelled. I shrieked back into the couch. 

"Mate that's not exactly something a girl wants to talk about." Harry said. Him and the boys were sitting around the couch comforting me. The tears came on harder. I stood up and swallowed my pride. 

"How could you act this way? How could you be mad at me for this? I have tried to forget about this Over and over. And you are gonna yell at me for it?" I asked. I was angry. I was shaking. 

His face fell. I knew I had gotten to him. I walked into the bathroom and slammed the door. Seconds later he was knocking on the door. 

"Nina? I'm so so so sorry. I was just scared. I thought you were gonna get hurt. Please let me in. I'm sorry." He whispered. 

I sighed and slowly opened the door. Before I could open it all the way, he was in the door and pushing me against the wall, kissing me. I was surprised at first but then I melted into him. I couldn't be mad. Not when he was so sweet. I understood why he was originally mad. I heard whistling from the door. I turned to see the boys standing at the door. 

"Things are getting a little hot in here." Louis said. 

I blushed and shoved Niall away. He groaned and tried to continue but I ducked under his arm and ran out the bathroom. I heard chuckling from behind me. I walked into the living room and plopped on the couch. 

When I flicked on the TV I saw my face. My face. I gasped. It was the picture of me and Niall getting back from our little time on the boat. My eyes were red and puffy and Niall had me pulled up against him. His hands were cupping my face and hewas kissing my forehead. The headline read: 'New Couple For The Lonely Member of One Direction?' I groaned. I quickly changed the channel. I could already tell it was going to be a paparazzi filled trip. 

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