What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


25. Chapter 24

(Nina's POV)

After about 30 minutes in the car, we all became curious. Liam had told the cab driver where to go but he didn't tell us. Me and Lucy stole a glance at each other but I was the first to speak up. 

"Liam? Where are we going?" 

"Well it's a surprise silly." He said messing up my hair like a 5 year old. 

I groaned and leaned onto Niall. He patted my knee. 

"Liam. You know I don't like surprises." Lucy said from the corner.

We all turned to look at her because it was the first she had spoken the whole way there. I smiled at her knowingly. She really didn't like surprises. Ever since that ass hole stole and broke her heart. I could feel the anger in my stomach grow. Even years later, I still hated him. For what he did to her. Nick. The words were always hissed through my teeth as his poison filled name rolled off my tongue. It was such a long story as to why I hated that man. 

Lucy snapped me out of my devilish thoughts by saying my name. 

"Nina? You okay? You look angry...." Lucy said. Worry lines her voice. 

"Oh yeah. I'm good. Sorry. Just deep in thought I guess." I managed. 

Yes. It was a half ass reply but what was I supposed to say? Oh yeah. You know just the usual. Killing people in my mind..... That wouldn't work well with them. They would look at me like an estranged person on crack or something. I sighed and flopped my head against Niall's hard arms. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders and gave me a kiss on the hair. 

"You sure nothing's wrong babe?" He whispered in my ear so no one would hear.

Wait. What was that? Did he just call me babe? Hmm. 

"Yeah." I choked out. 

I hated lying to him. I just couldn't tell him the whole story now. Not with Lucy right there! She has been through so much already and I am here to protect her. I can't bring up something that tears her apart inside. 

Lucy is my sister. She is really the only thing I have. I'm all she has. We need each other to be strong. Lucy doesn't really ever need to protect me. I am tough. She is so soft and easily breakable. I can kick ass when I need too. I put people on their place. I would do the same thing for her any day. 

I must have been dreaming again cause I heard Lucy squeal. My head snapped up to see a beautiful wide river. Right in the middle of the street! 

"The Grand Canal!" I squealed. I clapped my hands and hopped out of the car to the very hot guy waiting at the boat for us. 

"Ciao bella. Hello beautiful. Can I assist you with something?" He asked in his adorable accent. 

"Actually," Niall interrupted, " You can assist all of us. We have reservations."  And just to put the cherry on top of the point he was trying to make, he slid his hands around my waste and kissed my jaw. 

"Oh. Very sorry sir. Are you the Payne, Styles, Horan, Malik, and Tomlinson family?" He asked. 

"Yes that's us." Liam said. We all got into the boats. Couples went in separate boats. Harry tagged along with Louis and Eleanor.

 Liam and Lucy were right next to Niall and I as we asked. We smiled and took pictures of each other from the other boats. It was a load of fun. Our boats eventually drifted apart and Niall and I got a little privacy. 

"You look gorgeous today love." He smiled playing with my hair. 

I smiled and kissed him gently on the lips. 

"You still aren't fooling me though." He added. 

I looked at him confused. 

"Nina. I know you. You got pissed in the car and were thinking really hard about something. You were digging your nails into my knee for crying out loud!" He laughed and kissed my nose. 

"Sorry Niall. And yeah. I was mad. I was just thinking about Lucy and everything that we have been through." Images flashes through my mind and a tear slid down my face. Niall kissed it away and intertwined his fingers with mine. 

"Tell me Nina. I know you think Lucy will be mad but babe, it's eating you alive inside. You have to tell me." He said.

I took a deep breath and looked him in the eye. 

"Okay. A few years ago, there was a guy named Nick. Me and Nick liked each other. We went out on a date. We kissed. You know the sappy stuff. Well, things between me and him didn't last long. Then the next week, I learned that he had told Lucy he liked her. Obviously I was a little upset at first. I mean I was so used to me and him being like a thing. It was weird at first. Me and Lucy actually fought. And it killed me to fight with her. I wasn't thinking." 

"So what happened after that?" Niall pushed for more detail. 

"Well me and Lucy eventually just dropped it. They got together and I warned her that he was a cheater and I knew from personal experience with him that he was. He was also a hard drinker and smoked weed and stuff like that. Well Lucy didn't care about those things. Then the next couple of months, she.....she changed. She became so overcome with the need to please him. To make him happy. She would wake up at 4 am so she could get ready for him. She even stopped eating and starved herself so she could be skinny for him. I tries helping her! I tried......" Tears were streaming down my face by this point. 

Niall rubbed my back and kissed away the tears. I took a breath and regained my strength. 

"She ended up passing out at dance practice. I was scared. I hated myself. I kept thinking, 'She is your best friend. YOU let that happen. How could you?' I beat my self up for it everyday she was in the hospital. When she got out, she immediately went to his house. When she walked in the door........." I stopped. This part hurt even me. 

"Come on love. You can say it." He reassured me. 

"When Lucy walked in," I continued, " He had a half naked girl in his bed. Lucy was devastated. She locked herself up in her room. Even her brother who had just gotten back from Iraq that same week couldn't get her to come out of her room. She was that upset. She wouldn't eat again. She just cried and cried. I sat outside her room everyday for hours just listening to her cry. I had to listen to her scream to no one. She would say ' I just want you to love me!'. She screamed it everyday. All day. She would throw things across the room. Smashed mirrors. She was in her own world. She still knew I was there but she didn't come out. The last day her brother was here on leave, he tried again to get her to come out of her room. She didn't. After he left, she came looking for him. She didn't know he was leaving. She was so upset when she found out he had left to go back to Iraq. She said to me that night, 'Nina, if he gets hurt and I didn't get a chance to say goodbye because of all this, I'm gonna kill myself.' At the time, I didn't think anything of it......" I started to feel the tears well up in my eyes. He looked at me and urged me on. 

"Niall.... The n-n-next d-day..... He he he.......d-died." The tears exploded from my eyes. 

"That's awful." Niall said. 

"Lucy's mom called me. She told me. I dropped the phone and ran to her house. I got there and ran to her room. I started banging on her door. She didn't answer. I didn't hear anything. I kicked down the door and found her on her bathroom floor. Her wrists were cut open and she was passed out. I thought she had slipped. But when I looked down, I saw all these little..... PILLS. When it hit me what she had done, I screamed. I don't remember what happened after that. I was told she was takin to the hospital." The last part all came out in a whisper. The tears weren't tears anymore. They were streams, pouring out of my eyes. I was shaking and my breath was short and ragged. 

"I tried saving her!" I whispered. 
"I should have helped her when I KNEW THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG!" I slammed my fists down and cried even harder. 

Niall wrapped me in his embrace. I screamed and cried for a while until I composed myself. I sat back up and looked around. Luckily everyone else was way ahead. He rubbed my back. 

"Is that why she is so afraid to love Liam?" He asked. 

I nodded. "Niall she was so hurt. And after that day I promised myself I would never let her get hurt. And ever since then, I have been her guardian angel. I kick ass for her. I do things for her. I even got kicked out of school because when I saw Nick at school, I punched him in the face. I broke his nose and knocked out 3 teeth." I slyly smiled at the memory. 

"Your tough to others. But you can't fool me. I know your just as sensitive as she is, Nina. I won't ever hurt you. I promise." He kissed my lips and looked at me. 

"And thank you for telling me all this. It must have been hard for you and her." He added. 

He kissed me again and I thought to myself. 

This man is mine. I don't care if we aren't 'official'. He's mine. And......I-I......think I love him. 

He smiled and pulled away from me. He stroked my cheek. I looked up and saw that we were getting close to the end of our boat ride. 

"Sorry I wasted our whole ride on my sob story." I said. 

"Don't worry about it love. I wanted you to tell me. But you might want to clean yourself up a bit. So it doesn't look like you've been crying." I nodded and started wiping around my eyes. 

Then I felt it. 


"Argh! NIALL WHAT THE BLOODY HELL?!" I screeched. 

He laughed. 

"If anyone asks, I splashed you and that's why it looks like you've been crying." He kissed my nose. 

Why didn't I think of that? I sighed. Okay Nina. You can do this. Get it together. 

Niall grabbed my hand as we headed to the dock where my friends and my sister waited for us.


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