What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


18. Chapter 17

(Lucy's POV)

"Lucy?" my grandmas voice was quiet. Thoughtful.

I had woken up this morning with the sun burning bright in my face. It took me a minute to remember where I was an even less time to remember why. I quietly came out of the guest room, as Harry was still sleeping, to find my grandma making breakfast.

"Yeah grandma. It's me" I said, sitting down at the small table near the window in the livings room.

"How did you sleep?" she asked, coming to sit across from me.

"alright I guess."

"so what brought you here yesterday?"

"oh you know..." I said, nervously. "just wanted to see you."

"uh huh. Now why did you really come?"

Damn. She saw straight through my lie.

"well, grandma, it's kinda a long story." 

"I have time." she stated. 

Just then Harry walked in. I sighed in relief until he said "what do we have time for?"

"we have time to listen to Lucy tell me why she made you bring her here."

"oh good! I haven't heard why yet either." He sat down next to grandma, waiting.

"ok. Fine. But grandma you need to hear it all... And I mean ALL"

So I told her. I told her about how Nina and I were grabbed by gang members, how we saw a man get murdered, how the boys pick us up, the text message. I told her everything until the point where Liam asked me to be his girl friend and my reasoning for saying no. I took a deep breath as I felt tears start to form in my eyes.

"well Lucy... What are you gonna do?" she asked.

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. I want to be with him, I do. But I'm so afraid something will happen. I don't wanna take that chance."

"Lucy, does this boy make you happy?"


"do you love him?"


"do you?"

I was about to answer but was interrupted by Harry's phone ringing.

"hello?" he asked. "hang on." he put the phone down from his ear and excused himself to talk outside. 

Once we were alone again, grandma looked at me. "he is a nice boy"

"yeah. He's awesome."

It was silent for just a moment.

"so do you?"

"I don't know grandma... He is amazing. Caring, sweet, smart, funny. But if my name gets out..."

"do you love him is a yes or no question, honey." she said sweetly. "do you, or could you see yourself, loving this boy?"

"I think so..."

"well then go for it."

"but it's not that easy grandma.
I don't want to put him in danger, or any of the boys for that matter."

All she did was sit there. Giving me the look that said it all. It said 'quit being stupid. Just do what your heart says.'

But what if my heart tells me one thing but my brain says the complete opposite?

I stood up. "I know what I need to do..."

"I knew you would figure it out"

"Thank you grandma" I bent down and placed a kiss on her cheek, then went to find Harry.

He was just hanging up his phone and coming inside. He smile when he saw me. "That was Louis. We really need to get going."

I nodded. "let's go."

The car ride could not go fast enough. Harry kept asking what I was gonna do, but I didn't even know yet. I couldn't tell him.

Soon, we were pulling up to the air port and I was jumping out if the car, running for dear life.

"LUCY!! Wait up!!!!" Harry shouted from behind me; however, I never slowed down. I kept running to the terminal where the boys were, getting weird looks the whole way.

The first thing I was was a blonde head of hair. Then black. Then a shirt with stripes. 


They all turned around shocked. As soon as they saw me they were running towards me, the crowds parting like the red sea.

"Lucy! Where have you been?" Louis asked. 

"no time! Where's Liam and Nina?"

"Nina's in the bathroom. Liam's still at the terminal, signing autographs. Why?"

I never answered, already sprinting toward the terminal. Sure enough, there was a big clump of girls, but I didn't care.

"LIAM!!" I yelled, searching for him through the masses.


When I finally found him, the girls seemed to step back, giving us space as I fell into his arms.

"Lucy, where have you been?"

"It doesn't matter. I need to tell you something."

"ok. Go ahead"

"Liam. I dont care. I don't care if my name gets out to the press. I don't care if the thug finds me and comes after me. I don't give a damn anymore! I'm tired of being cautious with my life. I can get through it, but only if your on my side."

"Lucy. What at you saying?"

"I'm saying, I want to be your girlfriend Liam. I want to be the one you snuggle with during a sappy movie. I want to be the one who can go to sleep, next to you. I want you to... I want you to ask me again."

His eyes looked pained when I first saw him, but now they looked hopeful.

"Lucy Marie Hanes. Will you, please, be my girlfriend?"

"nothing would please me more."

I was engulfed in his warm embrace as I found my feet being lifted off the ground as he spun me in circles. I could hear the crowd clapping around us. This moment was a total cliche, but I loved it.

All to soon he set me down and looked intently into my eyes. At this moment, the whole world around me disappeared. It was just me and Liam as he leaned down, placing an ever so tender, kiss on my lips.


We brake apart, our moment ruined, to find a paparazzi had taken out picture. 

I look back at Liam. "well there goes my name."

He smiled before leaning back down, letting the moment I wish I could capture forever, continue.
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