What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


17. Chapter 16

(Nina's POV)

I got out of my car and walked to the front door. I had just gotten back from the studio. I wanted to lock it up tight before our two week trip to Italy. I walked in the front door and the boys still sat where I had left them. Except Harry wasn't there. And neither was Lucy. 

"Where's-" I started. Niall stuck out his hand and handed me a note. I unfolded it and read. 

-Nina. Gone out with Harry. I needed help. Be back either late tonight or early tomorrow before we go to the airport. BE SAFE!! ~Lucy

What?! We leave 2moro and this is the day she decides to go all bonkers!! I sighed. 

"You look frustrated." Zayn laughed. 
"I am." I groaned and put my head in my hands. 

Niall grabbed me and threw between him and Liam on the couch. 

"Don't worry love. This is obviously something she needs to do." Niall said.
I looked over at Liam. His eyes were straight ahead and he looked pained. 
"You okay?" I whispered to him. 

He simply looked at me and got up to leave. I followed him into the kitchen. 
"LEEYUM! Talk to me." I said. 

He leaned against the counter and looked up at me. A tear fell down his face. 

"Oh Liam." I whispered. 

I walked to him and wrapped him in a hug. He hugged back. I stepped back and looked at him. He sighed. 

"I miss her. She's right next to me and I bloody miss her. I can't get myself to talk to her. I want to be with her. After she turned me down I just feel empty. I feel as empty as I did when me and Danielle broke up. I can't take it." 

I froze. I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. Me and Liam don't really talk much but dang. I wasn't expecting him to open up to me like that. 

"Liam. She feels the same. She is just scared for your life. She's just confused. Trust me. After what she told me that is." 

He looked at me weird. I smiled and walked out towards the door. He stopped me. 

"Does that mean I have a chance?" He whispered. 

I smiled and nodded. But before I turned around, I saw a smile spread across his face. A genuine smile. 

"Nina!" He said. I turned around and poked my head in. 

"Niall really likes you too. Trust me. I know." He said. 

I laughed and walked back into the living room. Liam soon followed. I sat back down and snuggled into Niall. He had his Dublin, Ireland hoodie on and it was so soft. It smelled like.... Nando's. He patted my knee and slung the remote at Louis who was sleeping with his mouth wide open. It hit his thigh and he bolted awake. 

"OH MY CARROTS!!" He screamed rolling off the couch and landing on the floor with a thud. Me and Niall cracked up and Zayn just smiled. Liam got up and nudged him with his foot. 

"You okay Louis?" He asked. 

"Daddy Direction save me now." Louis mumbled into the carpet.

 I laughed and accidentally snorted. The boys all looked at me and the room got dead quiet. Then they started busting up laughing. I growled and walked away. 

"Oh. Look who's maaaaad." Niall said in a baby voice.

I stomped (very loudly) into Lucy's room. Someone had to finish packing for her. I sling her suitcase on to the bed and started putting last minute things in. Well since she was prolly meeting us at the airport then I can pack her hair and makeup stuff. Assuming that is. She can unpack it if needed. I walked over to her iPod that was on the iPod dock. I was about to take it off when I stopped. I instead hit play. My favorite song came on and I smiled. I danced around the room packing, dancing, and humming to the music. When the song finished I heard a giggle behind me. I turned around and saw Niall standing there. He was leaning against the door frame staring at me. 

"Like the view or something?" I said coldly. 

"Oh stop. I was kidding about the whole snorting thing. I just love watching dance around and laughing." He said with his award winning smile. 

He walked over and looked in the suitcase. 

"Bloody hell. We are only gone for 2 weeks!" Niall said. 

"That's a long time for girls! Lots of clothes and makeup is needed!" I said.

An hour later I had finished packing for me and Lucy. I was able to keep an outfit out for me and her. In case she came back tonight. The boys were still being goofy and watching TV. I snuck into my room. I put on my pajama bottoms and a tank top. Climbing into bed, I banged my knee on the corner. 

"Son of a!!!" I yelled. 

I gripped my knee in pain. I flew on to the bed and groaned. Niall peeked his head in. 

"Everything okay love?" He asked. 

"I hit my bloody knee!" I groaned 
rolling into the pillow. 

I rolled over to lay on my back and rolled right off the bed. 

"Mother of god! What is wrong with me!?" I screamed. 

My back hurt. My head hurt. My butt hurt. All on top of banging my knee. Niall walked over and picked me up. He pulled two body pillows out of the closet and placed them on either side of the bed. He crawled on the bed and plopped down next to me. It was late and I could tell. My eyes were sore and I could barely stay awake. I snuggled into Niall's hoodie and sighed. 

"Go to sleep. Get some beauty rest. You don't need it but its best to be rested so you can stay awake with me on the plane. By this time tomorrow, we will be sleeping in Italy." He kissed my hair and I closed my eyes. 

The last thing I remember before drifting to sleep is the soft humming of Niall singing Little Things. Italy better be ready.
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