What would you do if you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? Run? That's what Lucy and Nina did. Running led them to One Direction. Now, becoming best friends with the boys is easy. Lovers, amazing. But when names get to the press on a trip to Italy,  everybody better run because stories will be told and horrors will be relived when someone shows their SCARS.


47. Bound to You

First chapter of Bound to You is out!!! Go to my profile and you will find it!! Thanks so much for reading SCARS. It means a lot! We really hope you enjoy the sequel. The first few chapters will be a little boring but w shave lots of drama planned so stay tunes.

Another thing, some of you became my fan, which is greatly appreciated, but if you become my fan I ask you become Molly's too. I dont write alone. We help each other. So if you could do that, thanks!!

-H :)xx
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