My Name Is Renesmee

What happens when Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee goes to school for the first day.

What will happen?
Read to find out

*This is an entry for the Twilight competition*
Enjoy :P


2. Odd One Out

Mum saw me an just pushed me back in the school, expecting me to sit down, be calm and act like I was one of them. I wasn't going to because I'm not one of them. We sat in a circle for snack time. Our teacher was handing out fruit and vegetables from apples to oranges, carrots to cucumber. I could feel all of their eyes scanning me.

"Oi, Ronnie May" One of the children shouted in my direction. My head turned to look at him. I wiped a cross look on my face.

"Um, excuse me. It's Renesmee. What is your problem" I questioned.

"Why are you so white" 

"Because I am"

"But seriously..."

"Shut up" I screamed. I could feel tears slide down my 'white' cheeks. I ran into the toilets and locked myself in one of the cubicles. That kid was going to pay. I swear to god. I spent the rest of the day in there and after school I did as well. After a while everything went quiet and everyone had gone. I dropped to the floor and peered underneath the door. I saw two pairs of feet. Their voices echoed in the loo's but I couldn't quite understand what was being said.

"Come on sweetheart, come out" My mother tapped lightly on the door all of a sudden scaring me. I decided I would stay in here for tonight then climb out in school time tomorrow, when it is time to go home I will run away, maybe I could hide somewhere. I would think while I was running.

It took a while for the voices to disappear and the sun to stream through the windows in the morning but it was eventually time to go 'home'. I unlocked the door quietly and put on my coat. I jumped through the door that was now wide open.

I ran


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