My Name Is Renesmee

What happens when Edward and Bella's daughter, Renesmee goes to school for the first day.

What will happen?
Read to find out

*This is an entry for the Twilight competition*
Enjoy :P


3. Forest

"Come with me" a voice echoed as I reached the forest. I stood and surveyed the tall dark trees and the little muddy path infront of me

"Come with me" the voice echoed again. I started to walk into the forest following the sound of the voice. I was begining to get tired by now and I just wanted to sleep. I looked down to the floor of the forest, it didn't look very comfy there but I will give it a try.

I plucked leaves of the trees and placed them in a rectangle shape on the floor. Just big enough for me to lay down on them. Surely that would make it comfortable? I let my head flop onto the bed of leaves and I fluttered my eyes shut. My brain wasn't letting me sleep though. I kept imagining what might happen while I was asleep. The sounds in the forest were not helping me at all. They made it much worse.

'I am never doing this again' I thought as I finally fell asleep.
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