A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


5. You guys are messed up!

Brooke's P.O.V

I walked back to my memory room once I had calmed not-Lexi down and sat back down I picked up the book and flicked back to the first photo of joel, Lexi and myself..


Joel poked his head round the corner

"We'll be leaving for the forest in an hour or so, so you girls need to eat" Joel said

"okay" Lexi and I replied

I stood up as Lexi turned to me

"Brooke I'm cold"

"Would you like a sausage roll" I said

Lexi collapsed on the floor laughing I had a confused look on my face.

"what?" I demanded "What! whats so funny?" I threw a pillow in her face

"haha sorry it's just I said I was cold and you offered me a sausage roll and I thought a blanket would keep me warmer but whatever floats your boat"

I laughed and walked out the room

Later on we were in the forest messing around but then we headed to bed and Lexi and I were up talking.

"Lex I'm collddd"

Lexi crossed her eyes and said in a really retarded voice "would you like a sausage roll?"

I burst out laughing when Joel kicked the bed and said

"You guys are messed up"

all night we were stating things like

"My heads fallen off" or "I broke my leg" then repying with "would you like a sausage roll"

The following day we went swimming in the rivers in the forest. We came out and had sausage rolls so we got a picture of us dripping wet and eating sausage rolls.

*present time*

I touched Lexi's face with my perfectly manicure nails then closed  the book and put it away.

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