A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


4. Who the hell are you?

Brooke's P.O.V

"What's up with you guys? You look like you've seen a ghost!" Key let out a breath our Lexi said this a lot how did she  know that?

"come on brookie we've got a lot of catching up to do! You too boo!" She knew George's nickname aswell. Who are you I thought to myself. She bounded up the stairs and nealy walked past Lexi's room. HA! trip up. She stepped back and threw her bag onto the floor and plonked herself onto the bed. George walked in and was about to sit down when it spoke,

"Sorry Brookie, do you mind if me and Boo have a moment to talk" I nodded and retreated to my room, before I had left I had noticed George give me a look to say I know it's not her and then the door was shut in my face. I walked in and sat down on the little armchair in the corner of my room. This part of my room was sectioned off It was like a second walk in wardrobe but Instead of cothes it was full of memories. In this room was a desk with my laptop along with a spinny chair, there were two armchairs and several beanies in the corner. My room was simple all that was in there was a bed and 4 doors oddly enough. At the foot of my bed was the door to the corridor and all other rooms, the next to the bedside table at the head of my bed was a door to an extremly large en-suite which I shared with Lexi, the to the left of that was another door - my walk in wardrobe, and in the corner opposite my wardrobe was my 'memory room' i called it, then along the back wall was a double glass door leading to the balcony. Lexi's room was exactly like mine, minus the memory room.

Lexi and I would spend hours on end here talking about pointless rubbish, several milestones started in here.I stood up from the armchair and turned to the wall behind me, this wall was a collage o photos of the most important memories in my life. I pushed the armchair back slightly and pulled out the srapbook from underneath, this book held the most important memories that were to special to be on a wall. I opened it and on the front page was a picture of me Brooke and her brother Joel, we were soaking wet from playing in the rivers that day and we were eating sausage rolls, this photo always made me laugh.

I put the book down when i heard yelling from the rooms next door so i went and I put my head next to Lexi's door


"I'm sorry" Lexi whispered


"I love you?" Not lexi questioned

George sniggered "I don't know what you're playing at! Just tell me who the hell are you?"

George swung open the door I jumped back in shock. He looked at me with tears running down his face before, throwing me out the way, running to his room and slamming the door shut. I looked at not-Lexi who was bawling her eyes out, I knew it wasn't my best friend but I had to I walked in and began comforting her before repeating George's last question.

"Honestly, who are you?"

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