A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


6. What was I supposed to do?

Lexi's P.O.V

15 days and counting, I've gotten to know this place a bit better now. The garden outside is practically a forest I reched the edge once with hope only to find myself face to face with an exceedingly large electric fence. I had attempted to climb it only to find myself blacked out and back in bed. That was 4 days ago. Since then I have discovered that on the same floor as my room there is a pool, a mini gym/spa, and a living room with a flatscreen, a pool table and recliners. Downstairs was actually below ground which I found quite odd my room was ground level. Downstairs was alot smaller, it was only two rooms, there was a kitchen which was always full of new fresh food but there was no one else here. At least I didn't think so. There was an upstairs to this enclosed house but I couldn't get up there, it was locked. I ventured down to the kitchen and got a sandwhich, I then went and sat in the living room. I turned the T.V on and looked at the latest headline

Lexi Horan has been found and is safely home unharmed.

Wait what? I wasn't home I was here, I was somewhere else. But there I was on screen with Brookie and George and Kieren and David! What was going on?

I went forward to the interview with the so called me and Brooke ( who ever it was had taken MY slot on the Ellen show!THE ELLEN SHOW!)

Brooke kept mentioning August 4th - the day we met- and it took me a while but I remebered that we promised if anyone was ever in danger we would make a video with the number four then we would go back and listen to every 4th word as to help each other. I re played the movie



How she had managed to do that in an interview I have no idea! I stood up and went to my room. In there was a desk with pens and paper I didn't have anything else to do so I poured my life onto paper I mean no harm done right? That copy knows everything about me right? Egh! Maybe she knows more about me than i do...This sent a shiver down my spine, STALKER! I began writing, no one was ever here other than me so why not?

I was awoken at 4:00am from the sound of a door slamming! 4:00 am SERIOUSLY WHO ON EARTH IS UP THIS EARLY? Wait door...slammed...someone...was...here... THE PAPER...gone...new blank sheets! So much for keeping safe.




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