A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


1. Nightmares

Lexi's P.O.V

I opened my eyes to find myself in the corner of a dark room . I didn't know where I was but I was alone. I was alone and frightened. I sat up and began to examine the room. There was a desk opposite me, facing the window and a cupboard to my left. The window was shattered and it was pitch black outside. The door for the cupboad had fallen to the floor and there were pieces of the floor missing. I slowly walked towards the window watching my step avoiding falling to the floor below. I reached the window and looked out, the was an alleyway stretching for miles out of sight, but no houses just to brick walls that were taller than the house.


I quickly turned around, what was that? I looked down slightly infront of my feet, I could see the floor below. A figure was stood directly beneath me. I took a deep breath and jumped over the gap. I landed on my feet with a loud thump then immediatly crumpled to the floor. A sharp pain  shot through my foot and ankle but I stood up. I heard the creeking of the stairs and headed towards the cupboard. I picked up the door and shut myself in, I held my breath and watched the stranger through a hole in the door. They looked around the room muttering to themselves before throwing a glass bottle at the wall and leaving. I heard a door slam but waited a minute to make sure the coast was completly clear. I shoved the door down and it instantly fell through the floor creating another gap I had to jump over. I sat on the edge of the cupboard and stretched my foot out infront of me light was beginning to seep  through the window and my vision was clearer. I could see my ankle was broken and my foot was bleeding, I could see a piece of glass sicking out to the side. I reached for it took a deep breath and pulled it out, I dropped it and i heard a shatter as it reached the stone cold floor below. I looked a the gaping hole that stretched before me, I wouldn't be able to clear it. But I needed out. I stood up, took a deep breath and jumped. I landed. I slipped. I fell



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