A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


7. I won't waste my time

Brooke's P.O.V

I was pacing back and forth in my room I didn't know if she got the message or not my fingers were crossed! I hoped with all of my heart that she did. I mean it's been 3 weeks and it's obvious that this girl wasn't Lexi I mean she always tripped up, I was the only one who ever noticed! Lexi was right handed but played guitar let handed. this girl played with her right. Lexi enjoyed writing, this girl only ever listened to music, and it wasn't even Lexi's playlist. Not-Lexi always had her hair in a pony tail, Lexi had hers down or in a bun. See, trip up, trip up, trip up. I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to hold up. I sat down on my bed and began to cry my heart out. I was sobbing into my pillow so hard I didn't even realise not-Lexi had walked through the door intil I felt her hand on my back, I flinched.

"Heeeyyyy, sweetheart don't worry. It's gonna be okay" Not-Lexi stated in an over sympathised voice. I wasn't falling for it.

I sucked in a big breath

"Sorry, just overwhelmed by the fact that your back" I faked a smile.

Not-Lexi gave me a suspicious look then turned and practically stormed out the room. Trip up I sang in my head,  Lexi would know I was lying and coax it out of me by tortuting me with the one and only song I hate - It's a small world. That song drove me mad! I stood up and walked through to my memory room and curled up on Lexi's beanbag, she always used to sit in here with me no matter what. She'd bring a pile of books with her, I swear that girl could read through an apocolypse! Honestly it's all she ever did. she'd left her books here and I hadn't bothered to move them, so I stood up and placed them on my desk when I heard Not-Lexi talking on the phone to someone.

"Listen I think she's latching on to me, we need to get her out but I haven't enough information. Has Lexi written anything personal?

Someone on the other end muttered something but I wasn't sure what.

That was it.

I pulled every photo of Lexi and I down and shoved it into my sportsbag along with my scrapbook, all of Lexi's drawings and a couple of her books got thrown in along with mine and Lexi's clothes.I removed as many possible traces of memories that included Lexi and ran. I threw myself down the stairs grabbing several photos of Lexi and I then chucked on my shoes, grabbed my keys and ran to my car. I drove over to asda and picked up Lexi's favourite food - BBQ pringles, some galaxy chocolate, bread, ham (for sandwidges) a big bottle of coke, and pink lemonade lucozade, I ran to the check out picking up some food for myself and ran onlly to find Not-Lexi pulling up in the car park. I ducked behind my car until she had gone inside then got in and drove off. I was about to drive towards my aunties when I got a text from Not-Lexi

There's no point in running I will find you ~ L

FINE. I quickly replied before changing direction and driving home, I needed to figure out who she was and anytraces linking to Lexi, and I couldn't leave George and Key there, it was unfair.

Why would you need to find me sweetie, I've jusst gone for fresh air up the old country rds come meet me? B xx

I knew she would get lost up there, even I sometimes got confused. I pulled up to the house and screamed for Key and George. They came running instantly.

"What happened are you hurt?" Key's natural instinct

"NO! But I need you guys to listen to me okay? Run up to your rooms take any photos you 've got of Lexi if they're under your bed or on your wall take them and put them in a bag with some clothes and showergel and all the necessities okay? Meet me in the car in 10 I'll explain once we leave"

"If we have to leave then where's Lexi, I won't leave without her" George's eyes watered over.

"3 words, That's.Not.Lexi" Georges face glazed over with sudden realisation as i confirmed that is wasn't in fact lexi ( i could tell he had his doubts) and the boys instantly ran upstairs. I followed them up and ran straight to Lexi's room. I found a collection of photos, numbers address', names, I.D cards, passports, and fingerprints. EW! Whatta creep, I shoved them all into a box in my bag and ran to my room I grabbed all my facial cleansers, bodywashes, shampoo's, conditioners and makeup then sprinted to the car. I threw my bag in the back started the car and sped off.

I won't waste my time chasing you, there's GPS on your phone ~ D

I threw my phone out the window without thinking. DAMMIT! That could've been useful.

8 hours later

I decided it would be best to get as far away from 'home' as possible WITHOUT getting tired but by the time we had pulled into the B&B it was already 2am. I turned to the boys,

"looks like I've got some explaining to do"


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