A heartwrenching story about the girl who made the wrong desision and couldn't find a way out.
She loves him with all of her heart but when she finds out his true identity she begins to notice those hidden doubts


3. don't be, It was all my fault

Brooke's P.O.V

How could Lexi do this! It was a petty little fight! I know I shouldn't have said it I made her feel worthless and stupid and now she isn't here and i's all my fault

It's been three days and we've heard nohing. Nothing at all. No calls, no text's no emails. Nothing. David was on the phone to the American police trying to get them to send a search party AGAIN. But they were refusisng, there was honestly no hope. George is worried sick he's not himself, His unusually large appetite is gone, he hasn't eaten since Lexi left. He hasn't moved since Lexi left. He hasn't spoken since Lexi left. He hasn't stopped crying since Lexi left. It was all breaking down. Key (Kieren) was sat next to Geoge on the floor infront of the T.V trying to get hm to stop crying and eat.

I heard the door bell and David motioned for me to get it. I stood up and put on a brave face although it was killing me inside. I opened the door to a pair of sparking eyes. They were a shade you'd think you would only get by using contact lenses the perfect mix of vibrant greens and blues, the colour of an ocean in Hawaii. I only knew one person with those eyes and I was lucky enough to have her as a best friend.

Her perfectly pouty lips were covered in MAC Dazzle lipstick in her favourite shade - naughty you. She spoke

"I'm so sorry"

"don't be. It was all my fault"

I pulled my best friend in for a hug, but when I did I realised that this infact was not my best friend. She was a heck of a lot skinnier. I pulled back and looked the not-Lexi up and down. This girl was pretty, Lexi was stunning. This girl had Curly hair, Lexi's was straight. This girl had short red hair, Lexi's was waist length.

It took me a moment to realise that the not-lexi was waving in my face

"Heellooo, Earth to Brookie" What how'd she know my nickname?

David, George and Key came round into the hallway

"What on earth i-LEXIIIII!" George ran into her arms gave her a huge kiss and hugged her then stepped back. His face dropped, he realised it wasn't her.


Now I knew something was wrong.

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