'Fallyn and the Dragons' by K J Rollinson

Allan and his twin sister Eileen, together with their best friend, Martin, are persuaded by a mysterious visitor, called Dorius, the Keeper of Dreams, to go to the aid of King Rudri of Outha, in the land of Nashta. In the dream world they are known as Lord Fallyn, Lady Eila, and Lord Merin. In the 'real' world Allan and company are aware of their visits to Nashta, and are able to use their conscious thoughts to aid Fallyn and company to overcome the many problems encountered in their adventures in the dream world.

King Rudri and his brother, Prince Bato, have been enemies since their father died, who left the Kingdom in the hands of younger brother, Rudri. Despite King Rudri's brother generosity in granting half of Nashta to his brother, together with titles, this is not enough for the scheming prince, who seeks to gain what he considers rightfully his, the crown and the whole of Nashta. To do this he must invade Outha with his dragons. The plot moves between the real/dream worlds.


4. Chapter four

Fallyn’s sleep was disturbed by ideas flashing through his mind. He woke Merin, impatient to seek his friend’s advice.

Fallyn explained to him why he felt it was better if their rescue of Eila and the dragons was in two stages.

‘We’ll rescue Eila as soon as possible, and wait until the following spring to rescue Drana and her youngsters.’

Merin suggested they should fly to the King and ask him to agree to the plans, which would involve his troops creating a diversion on the east coast whilst they flew west. He also thought they should meet Kalla again and ask her to go with them, as he suspected she was a shape shifter.

 ‘We can ask her what she thinks of our interpretation of her visions. I’m still perplexed by the vision of the red flower, although we both agree that the white flower probably refers to Eila.’

‘Mm, yes, but if Kalla does agree to come with us perhaps she’s the red flower,’ Fallyn replied thoughtfully, ‘and if you are right about her being a shape shifter, perhaps we can persuade her to change into a bird and fly to Eila to let her know our plans, if I’m still unable to contact her.’

Fallyn tried to shake off his concern about Eila. ‘Come, let us feed Drartica, Dratho and the dragonets, and then go to the palace.’

Solo made it quite clear he expected the dragonets to be included on the journey, and because the flight was longer than the smaller dragons had done before, Fallyn agreed it would be good practise for them.

 They bowed low to King Rudri, apologising for arriving without prior notice, who waved aside their apology.  They discussed the strategy of a diversion on the east coast by the King’s troops. Fallyn then requested Kalla be present at the meeting. The King issued an order to one of the guards to speed to her house and bring her directly to him.

When Kalla arrived, Fallyn explained the reason why they had requested her presence, asking her whether she would accompany them on their journey.

‘We know it will not be without difficulties danger, but we suspect you may be capable of shape shifting. We think this should keep you out of real danger. For my sister’s sake, say you’ll come. Please, Kalla.’

Kalla could not resist Fallyn’s winning ways. ‘I am indeed a shape shifter but, until now, I haven’t let this fact be known.’ She gave an apologetic glance towards King Rudri.

‘Upon my word,’ King Rudri exclaimed. ‘I knew you changed your appearance when you saw visions, but I hadn’t guessed you could actually change into different shapes.’

She smiled at Fallyn, ‘I’ll come with you on your quest if you think my presence will aid you.’

Fallyn went down on bended knee to the little urchin girl and kissed her hand.

‘Oh, our grateful thanks to you.’

Fallyn helped Kalla to climb onto Dratho’s back, only to find his efforts impeded by Solo’s persistent nudges.

Merin laughed. ‘He’s telling you, Fallyn, he wants to carry Kalla back to the cave. Let him try. He’s big and strong now.’

Fallyn pretended to grumble and wagged a finger at Solo. ‘You’re getting too big for your boots. First, you persuade us to let you and the others come to the palace, and now this. But if you think you can carry Kalla, I’ll not stop you.’

Solo snorted with pleasure and bent down gracefully on his four legs, which allowed Kalla to vault onto his back without aid from Fallyn. With a look from Drartica that said ‘behave yourself.’

Solo managed to refrain from showing off, concentrating very hard on following dutifully behind Drartica; while Drablo flew alongside Dracito and Dratho, belching little fire puffs until he received reprimanding looks from his father.

Dusk was falling by the time they returned to the cave but the trio were too excited to sleep.  Fallyn broached the subject to Kalla of the possibility of her being the red flower.

Kalla gave Fallyn’s comments much thought before she answered.

‘Of course, I was not aware of your idea to rescue Eila when I had the vision, and could not at that time have known that it was possible that indeed, it is I to whom the red flower refers.’

  Fallyn hesitated before he answered her. ‘Er, do you have any ideas about the dripping blood in your vision?’

Kalla smiled into his concerned blue eyes, and said in a quiet voice, ‘I’m aware that it may refer to me.’

She caught his arm when she saw the dismay in his face. ‘Fallyn, I wouldn’t have agreed to come with you if I hadn’t been aware there may be dangers ahead. I want to help you.’ She looked away with a faraway look in her dark eyes. ‘It is our destiny.’

The darkness around her deepened and Fallyn stepped back as she began to change, as before, into a beautiful, young woman. This time, she wore a white dress, her shimmering gold cloak, which cascaded from her shoulders, held in place by two tiny, golden dragons, their wings beating as fast as humming birds. She began to chant in a low voice.

Dragons fly on molten wing.

Fire breaths sear the field,

sire against son, peace to bring.

To persuade and yield.


Dragons fly on red tipped wing

in the rising sun.

Dragons flee no fire to bring,

‘til they all are gone.


Dragons flash across the sky

dart against the foe.

Dragons flee as they cry.

Dragons all must go.


The shimmering form faded, and Kalla collapsed to the ground. Fallyn rushed to her side and gently helped her to rise. They stood silent as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Merin interrupted their reverie. ‘If we’re to start early tomorrow we better get some sleep.’

Next morning before the party set off on their long flight west to Mount Galla, Fallyn told Merin of Kalla’s vision the night before, and they asked her what she thought it meant.

‘I don’t know, although I feel it bodes well for our venture. All will be revealed in the course of time.’

They decided because of Drartica’s age and it was a long journey that Dratho would carry Kalla and Merin. The young dragons would carry the bedrolls and provisions needed for the journey.

As the dragons launched themselves from the ledge in front of the cave, Kalla, unprepared for the speed of the launch, fell from Dratho’s back. She screamed as she felt herself falling, too frightened to concentrate on shape shifting into a bird.

Like an arrow from a bow, Dracito immediately furled back his wings, and dived after her, his sheathed talons closed around her waist, as he laid her gently down on the ground. The others quickly followed Dracito, and, once dismounted, they hurried to Kalla’s side.

‘Are you alright, Kalla?’ Fallyn asked anxiously.

‘Yes, I’m fine.’ Kalla gave a nervous laugh. ‘I’m not used to flying dragons. It’s only the second time I’ve been on one.’

They remounted and Dratho slowly launched himself into the air this time.

‘We’ve not thanked Dracito for his timely rescue. Well done, little fellow.’ Fallyn said, leaning across to pat his neck as he flew alongside Drartica. Dracito’s dark brown scales glowed with pride at the compliment.

‘He reminded me of Drartica when she’s hunting. She folds back her wings in the same manner. I’ve a feeling you have been teaching them a few tricks,’ Fallyn bent forward to stroke Drartica’s neck. This time Drartica’s pale golden scales glowed with pride.

Fallyn had called her Drartica because the name reminded him of when the sun arose and flushed the snow with a soft golden hue.

After several hours of flight, the dragonets and Drartica started to tire. By now it was late afternoon. The party knew they still had a long journey in front of them. Fallyn called a halt, as he could tell the youngsters were exhausted.

Fallyn tried in vain to contact Eila, thinking because he was nearer to her he might get through. He sighed and thought perhaps tomorrow night he would be successful when they arrived on the outskirts of the wood near to Mount Galla.

The following day they approached their destination, Fallyn and Merin climbed high into the sky, with the three youngsters, flying a hundred yards below them. Kalla changed into an eagle, and circled another two hundred yards below them. Kalla suggested they employ this tactic so that they all looked about the same size as she from the ground and would all be mistaken for birds. Indeed, this was the case, as two shepherds in a field below spotted the ‘birds’.

‘Would you look at that!’ exclaimed one of them, ‘I’ve never seen so many eagles flying in the same area.’

‘I don’t like the look of it. I reckon they could be after our sheep. I’m going to carry my bow and arrow from now on,’ replied his comrade.

The dragons landed on the far side of the trees out of sight from the tower and Dragons’ Keep.  Kalla in the guise of an eagle flew to find Eila.

Fallyn, Merin, and the dragons cautiously circled the wood, until they arrived a few miles from the base of Mount Galla.  Because Fallyn did not know whether Eila had received Kalla’s message, he tried to get through to her again, and to his relief this time she answered him.

‘Thank goodness. At last!’ Eila exclaimed. ‘I’m being kept in a tower near to Dragons’ Keep.’

Fallyn asked Eila whether she had received a visit from Kalla and knew about the plan scheduled to take place the following day.

‘Yes, she arrived several hours ago. I saw an eagle circling the tower, which then changed into a young girl. She told me who she was and explained everything to me.’ Dismay entered Eila’s voice. ‘Fallyn, I’m afraid Drana has been forced to mate with Dra’Orlo, one of Bato’s dragons, and she is due to lay eggs.’

Fallyn told her not to worry as he had thought of another idea and outlined it to her. Eila was overjoyed, although concerned whether it would endanger their lives. Fallyn assured her they would take care.

‘So, I’ll be in the wood tomorrow, the part where the large oak tree grows. It’s close to a waterfall that cascades from a high ledge into a small stream. I can’t be sure what time I’ll be allowed to leave, but I’m usually accompanied by two…’ Eila stopped her thought transference abruptly, and then hurriedly added, ‘I have to go Fallyn, someone’s at the door.’

‘By dragons’ breath! She didn’t have time to finish what she was going to say. I gather she can’t be certain what time she’ll be able to go to the woods, and I presume she was going to say accompanied by two guards.’

Fallyn explained to Merin his new plan. ‘We’ll rescue Eila, Drana and her eggs. We’ll have to come back for her daughters another time.’ He held up his hand, ‘It’s starting to rain, we better get this canopy up quickly. I wonder why Kalla’s not back yet? Eila told me she visited her several hours ago, so why hasn’t she returned?’


Kalla assured Eila she would pass on her message to Fallyn in case they were unable to get through to each other. She then changed into an eagle for the flight back to the campsite. She was feeling very tired, the travelling, shape shifting had exhausted her physically and mentally. Maybe that was why she did not spot the shepherd as he aimed his bow and arrow at her. She felt the pain, as the arrow found its mark,   spiralled out of control and hit the ground. Her golden eyes closed. As she lay there, rain began to fall on her lifeless form.

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