Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


2. Two months later

Two months later


I flipped a sling of my brown hair away from my face, and moved my bag up over my shoulder again.  By every second that passed it was gliding down from my shoulder, and I kept on pulling it back up. Any other day it would've annoyed me, but today I had million of other things to worry about. The handbag was heavy, maybe cause of my laptop in it. My suitcases were on their way into the plane. It was the first time that I was going to live permanently outside of the states, and I must admit that I was pretty excited. Though I had been having second thoughts a lot lately, I mean... Wouldn't you? I was moving across the ocean, to the place where people had British Accents, it was a new world to me. And I had been told that it was raining a lot in England, and that the weather always was grey. I had been to London once before, when I was fourteen, with my family, but we only stayed there for four days, and it was in the summer, so the weather was okay. My eyes were scanning the room, until they found the thing they were searching for, a huge black/blue screen, with yellow names of destinations. I found London almost in the top, two names down. London, Heathrow Airport, at 10:45pm. Which was in... I turned to look at my iPhone that I had in my right hand. At first my eyes just froze when I saw the number, but slowly I snapped back to reality. In ten minutes. Ten fucking minutes. - Oh, and sorry for my language, I've always cursed a lot. I fast looked up at the black screen again, and memorised the gate number, which happened to be 23. I took a deep breath, and looked around again. How silly of me, I should've recognised the 'boarding' sign. Across the room the big numbers Gate 20-30 were written. 
I hurried through the people, happily the airport wasn't that crowded. When I made it down the hall to gate 20-30, the glass door into gate 23 was just a few metres down, and I made it, though I was the last person. They checked my ticket, and passport, wished me a good trip, and then I got to step on the plane. 


True that it rained a lot, I knew that from day one. As soon as I stepped out of the airport, I could feel the first drops of water falling from sky. Happily I didn't rain like crazy, only drops fell from the clouded sky. The reason why I had headed to London was that I had gotten in practice as a makeup artist, not that I wanted to be that when I grew up, but I would make great money, and I had been working as a makeup artist before. Though it hadn't been anything really serious. I had done it at the theaters on my school, and in the local theater. My mother had some contacts in England, that worked with a band that I had heard of. Not that I was a fan of them, to be honest I didn't even know the members names, all I knew was that it was a boy band, a british one. But well, my mom knew their makeup artist from once when she had been in England as a teenager, and the woman, I remember her as Louise, or Lou or something like that, had offered me a chance to get out of the states and even get a work at the same time. I had of course said yes thanks, not because I didn't like the states, but because I wanted to see new things, meet new people, and just get away for a while. While I stood there in front of the doors to terminal 6, I remembered her name, Lou. Of course not Louise. She had given me her number, so that I could call if anything went wrong. Tomorrow would be my first day at work, yes. Tomorrow, already. It was exhausting just to think about it. Lou had told me that a cap would be here at 10am, and the clock was 9:55am, so I just had to find out what to get the five minutes to pass with. I decided just to stand still, where I had been told to wait, and try to listen to listen to people's accent. 
Actually one of the things I was excited about was to see my little apartment, and british boys. I loved their accents, they were adorable, like that guy that I had slept with some months back. The only one night stand I had ever had that had been british, woohoo, that was something that I hadn't forgot. His accent, oh sweet mother of god. But not many british boys were good looking, or well, not as many as the american boys, but though the ones that were, they were really smoking. When I stood there, waiting for the cab only one guy caught my eye. He was taller than me, but then again, who wasn't? I was a petite girl - small in French. A relaxed but yet flirty smile spread on his lips, and I sent him a flirty smile back, while biting my lip slightly.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not trashy, or a slut... I just like boys. I like sex, a lot. If you've ever watched Gossip Girl, then Chuck Bass could've been my twin brother. But I had my standarts, and I was not much for sleeping with a lot of people in a week or month, it had to stay like every now and then. 
What made me turn my head away from the good looking English guy, was the sound of someone calling my name. 
My eyes were wandered over the parking lot, and on the other side of the road, a slik black car stood parked, and a women with blonde hair had her head stuck out of the window. My eyes met hers, and she smiled at me, and waved at me, in a way of telling me to come over. So I did, the road was empty, so just ran over. "Hey, you must be Amanda?" She asked, and reached a hand out of the window, I politely shook it, and nodded. "And you're Lou?" I asked. She nodded, "Just jump in..."

I must admit that I never though that she would come in person and pick me up, but she did. Her excuse was that she was early off from work, and wanted to meet me in person before tomorrow. On our ride to my apartment she asked me a lot of questions, and I answered them easily. I was a quite outgoing girl. She asked me if I knew a lot out the band, and I honestly said no. I didn't want to lie to her, though I was a great lair. She told me some of the rules, though I knew them all. She had sent them on a mail some weeks before I left. 

The apartment was small, but it was fine by me. I had a tiny bathroom, a tiny kitchen, an okay sized living room and a bedroom. For now I couldn't afford more, and my parents didn't want to pay it, they meant that now that I was eighteen I should be able to do this on my own. Actually I was no even finish with school yet, but my parents had no right over me anymore. Not that I just dropped out of school, I didn't. I took the exams, and finals, got good grades, and headed off to England. 

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