Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


9. Starbucks and world tours


"I'll just go and ask if Amanda wants anything," Niall said, and look at fast glance at the boys, that were sitting spread out on two couches, with their phones in their hands. Only Liam and Harry was talking with each other. Zayn was way too busy checking out Amanda's instagram, not because he was stalking her, but because he wanted to find out what kind of person she really was. 
None of the boys reacted, so Niall just sighed, "Do you want me to bring you anything?" He asked, and was clearly annoyed about them not listening. Louis looked away from his phone, "I'll help you." He said, locked his phone, and stood up. It made Zayn look away from his phone, "What?" he asked, confused. He hadn't heard a word that Niall said, since he was far too concentrated about Amanda. Once again Niall sighed, "I'm going to the Starbucks down the road, do you want anything?".
Zayn took a few seconds to think it over it, and then he shook his head, and turned to look back at the phone. "One latte for me," Harry said, and broke Liam and his conversation. Niall nodded. "And one cappuccino for me," Liam told Niall. Again Niall just nodded.

"Shall we go and ask what Amanda wants?" Louis asked, and turned his eyes to Niall.

"Yeah, let's do that,"  

Louis nodded, and took a glance at the boys. 


Zayn's P.O.V:


Amanda? Amanda!

"I'll go with you," I fast said, and almost jumped up off the couch. Harry looked at me with a suspicious look, but he kept quiet. Everyone looked at me with slightly raised eyebrows, I didn't know if it was my imagination or if they actually could tell that I wanted to see her again. But actually, it was not the truth, not really. I somehow wanted to, but then again I wanted to never see her ever again. "Umm... Okay?" Louis mumbled, "I'll stay then, we don't need three persons," He said, and when he passed me to take the place where I had been sitting on the couch, he sent me a weird look. I tried to act normally.



"So are you going to ask her, or?" Niall asked, and gave me a little push with his elbow. "Why don't you?" I muttered, and had all of sudden decided that it probably wasn't such a good idea after all. She was standing in front of the white curtain, talking with Lou, and the man that had taken pictures of them just a half hour earlier. "Because I haven't seen you speak to her.." He said, and shrugged his shoulders carelessly. "Whatever, I'll just ask," He was clearly more relaxed around her, but when he took one step closer I grabbed his shoulder, "Don't worry, I'll do it". 

He probably didn't mean to let me see the smile that crept onto his lips, but I sure noticed. 

I breathed in deeply through my nose, and nervously closed my fists. "Okay," I mumbled to myself and like a robot I automatically started walking towards her, they all noticed and turned to look at me. "Hey Zayn," Lou smiled, and I nodded in a way of saying hello. "I was just wondering if you-" I looked at Amanda, "Wanted anything to drink or eat, Niall and I are going to the Starbucks across the road," I asked, and we made eye contact. I fast looked away, but then I looked back, in a more natural way. "Atcually," She looked at Lou and the man, "If it's no problem I'd like to get some fresh air?" She asked, and sent them a little smile. "Of course, and would you mind taking Lux with you, I think she'd want to get out as well," 

Amanda nodded, and grabbed Lux from Lou. She placed one hand under Lux, and them one around her. She seemed used to babies.




"Awwe, you brought Lux," Niall smiled, and looked excited. Amanda giggled a little. We were on our way across the street, and Niall had waited for us outside. The sun was burning bright, and it was an unusual hot day for being June. It was actually not that awkward to talk to her, not at all. She was outgoing, and had a cute laugh. Maybe she didn't remember? It would be a relief.  

"So, Amanda, where was it you said you were from?" I asked. "The States," She answered, and smiled at me, "Yeah, I'm not stupid... I mean where in the states?". 
"Oh," She said, and her cheeks turned a slight rosa color. She was blushing. I chuckled a little to myself, "Chicago," She said. "That's a six hours flight, right?" I asked, and tried to keep the conversation going. She nodded, and pushed Lux a little more up in her arms, so that she wouldn't drop her. "Have you been there?" She asked, and and looked first at Niall, then at me. The question was clearly for both of us. "Yeah, we was actually there last week," I said. 
"What, really?" She looked surprised, "Yeah, we're on tour right now actually. But we're home this week. In five days we'll leave again," Niall said. 

She looked surprised, but tried not to show it. 

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