Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


11. Let's bet on it

Amanda's P.O.V:


"Okay, tell me about them!" Chloé said, and let herself dump down on one of the chairs in the empty café. She was the one to close the café that night, so we decided to take our time to stay, and drink a cup of tea. "They're not thaaaat special," I started out, and sat down on the chair in front of her. A little round table was between us. "Yeah, like I'm supposed to believe in that," She laughed, and placed her cup on the table. She leaned a bit over it, and looked at me. She was looking intensely right into my eyes, "Are you fucking them?" She finally asked. "What! No... I mean, not yet... But... Oh my god, C!" I laughed, and placed my cup of tea on the table as well. 

Chloé leaned back again, and sank down on the chair in a more relaxed position. "So you don't have the slightest crush on any of them?" She asked me, and raised her right eyebrow - which made me jealous, cause I couldn't do that, and it looked cool. I rolled my eyes, "I'm more the... Come-and-go-type, you know."

"Why? Love is seriously the finest thing on this planet!" Chloé said, and grabbed her cup. She moved it to her lips and took a sip. Why? Well, with that question followed a long story, that I wasn't much for remembering. "Long story," I just said, and tried to brush it off. 

"Ooh, tell me about it!" Once again she seemed curious. I could tell by the way she leaned in over the table again, putting her weight on her arms. I shrugged my shoulders, and tried to avoid the sinking feeling. "I'd rather not," I mumbled. "Oh, I see. This story is not a happy one.." She said, and poked out her lowerlip a little. 

"Nah, not really... But seriously, screw it, I'm not gonna sit here and cry over my past!" I forced a smile, and took a sip at my tea. "That's how it should be!" Chloé said, and raised her hand for a high-five. I raised mine as well, and out handpalms made a loud sound when they banged against each other.  

"But don't come here and tell me that you haven't imagined at least one of them screwing you!" Chloé was great at saving my good mood, and though we only had spend yesterday, and today together, I was really starting to like her. She seemed outgoing, just like me, and she had the flirty sparkle in her eye, that clearly reminded me of myself. I was about to open my mouth, and come with a cheeky comment about how I already had been with one of them, but when I saw Zayn's face in my mind, I shut my mouth. Maybe it was best if I didn't went and said stuff like that to god and every man. Though Chloé was great, that was a bit too personal, and if Zayn found out... What would he say? But why would he even find out? And why would I care about his reaction?

I shrugged my shoulders, "They are hot, but come on, C. I'm working for them," I said, and tried to sound like it never had crossed my mind, to picture myself naked with one of them. Truth be told, I had had a hard time struggling with getting the memories of Zayn and I's night out of my head. Not because it meant anything to me, but because everything about him was too damn perfect, and his flawlessness was breath taking. But never in my wildest imagination would I see myself crushing on him, or any of the others. I had been in love, like seriously in love, once before, and I was not going back. "That would just be even hotter! Imagine sneaking around with them, behind the management's back, and in secret you could have a relationship, an-" 

"Nuh-uh! Don't even get started! No feelings involved in my job!" I interrupted her. 

"By that you mean: No feelings involved, because I have had a bad past time relationship, and I am afraid to get attached again, fearing what it might lead to. So I will play the ice cold porn bitch attitude, and never ever fall in love again," She once against raised her right eyebrow, and crossed her arms over her chest. I almost dropped my jaw, and stared at her, with wide open eyes, and in no condition to defend myself, or say anything against it. 

"Believe me, I'm not stupid," She said, and smiled. 

I took a deep breath, "Clearly not".

"But where did we come from? You could just sneak around with one of them, or all of them! Oh my god, Chloé, you did it again!" 

"No way! I might not be the 'I love you'-type, but I'm not gonna mess with them. But I could use a friend with benefits over here, since I don't know anyone, aaaaand, I haven't been to any of the clubs yet, an- Wait! You're allowed to drink and go out when you're 18 here right?" I lighted up in a smile. 

Chloé nodded. 

"Fuck yes! No more sneaking around, and making fake ID's!" I sighed out in relief, and could already picture myself being able to buy whatever I wanted, and go to any club, by just showing my real ID-card. I almost felt grown up - but only almost. 


Zayn's P.O.V:


"Can you throw me a beer?" Harry asked, while zipping through the channels on the TV. The past half hour he had been complaining about how all the shit on TV sucked now at days. "Catch it," I shouted, and threw a beer through the air. He fast threw the remote on the couch, sat up straight, and grabbed the ice cold beer can in only one of his big hands, "Thanks, man!" He said, and lay down again, and started zipping through the channels for the fifth time.

"Harry, do you remember the name of the café that Amanda works at when she's done with us?" I asked, and let myself sink down on the other couch, with a beer in my hand as well.

"Why?" Harry asked, and turned to look away from the TV. He looked suspicious. "Oh, no reason really," I said, and carelessly shrugged my shoulders. "You sure?" Harry asked, and kept on staring at me. "Yeah, why would there be?" I turned to look at the TV screen. 

"She's hot," Harry said, out of nowhere. It felt like someone kicked all air out of me for a second, and like a big hole opened up in my stomach. "I guess she is," Was all I managed to say. I tried to ignore the sinking feeling that started building inside of me. Of course Harry was allowed to think that she looked good, cause I didn't have anything to do with her, but then why did it feel like this? And when he had flirted with her? Why? It was not supposed to feel like that. "Seriously... I'd fuck the shit out of her!" He laughed. "You're so fucking perverted!" I shouted, and grabbed a pillow from the couch I was lying on, and threw it at him. We both laughed - though my laugh was forced. "They call me Harry Player Styles," He said, with a smile.

"Hahahaha, no they don't!"

"They actually do!" He looked at me, and I could tell that he was being honest, "- Not that I am a player..." He fast said. "I know you're not," I assured him, and smiled friendly at him. Harry was a good guy, one of the best guys I'd ever known, and he was not a player. But he was a boy, and so was I, and to say that we would want to sleep with a good-looking girl was no crime, it was honesty, and more normal than anything in this world. But I didn't like him saying that about Amanda. 

I had no idea why, but it somehow felt like if anyone of the boys should get to be with her in any way, it should be me. Cause after all I was the one that had seduced her the first time, and I knew that it was wrong to say that she belonged to me, but if she belonged to any of the boys, I would want it to be to me. 

"But come on Zayn, she distracted you today!" Harry teased me. I turned to look away from him, and at the TV screen, where some weird football game was playing. None of the teams were that famous, I could tell by the amount of people at the game, and by their team names, I had never heard one of them.

"No she didn't. And seriously Harry, she's no go. She's working as our make up artist, with Lou, and I don't think that she choose the job to fool around with us," I tried to focus on the game, but I found no interrest in it. If it had been Barcelona and Chelsea, it would have been different, but this game was boring. "Since when did you turn that boring?" Harry complained, and I could still feel his eyes on me. I ignored him.

"I'd still sleep with her," He muttered, and finally turned to look at the game. "Shitty TV," He complained again, and changed the channel. Disney Channel popped up on our screen, and since Harry didn't know what else to watch, he stayed on that channel.

"You better not," I said.

"Sleep with her?" He asked.



"Because she's out of our league. Find someone else, who doesn't work for us," I knew that I was much of a mood killer, but I had to get him away from trying to hit on Amanda, not because he would do her wrong, but because if anyone should do her right, it should be me. 

"Sure, whatever... But let bet on the fact that you can't stay away from her," He said. 

"Let's do that. How much?"

"50 bucks?" Harry asked, and looked at me, while raising his eyebrows in a challenging way.

"I'm in." It couldn't be that hard, cause it was like any other girl. Except from the fact that I was forced to see this girl every day, and except from the fact that I still had a picture of her from that night two months ago. If it wasn't cause I already knew how it felt to be with her, it would be easy. Don't get me wrong, it was not sex I only had in mind. When I said be with her, I mean the feelings... 

That I of course didn't have! I was definitely not crushing on her. That would just be awkward.

But I was sure that I would be able to stay away from her, I mean... How hard could it be? She was working for me, so I guess that she wasn't up to doing anything. Like I had told Harry, of course she wasn't here to fool around with us, and fall in love. She was here to work, and that would make it a lot easier. Right? 


R-O-C-K me again.    

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