Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


3. Hello London

I woke up at 6am, one hour earlier than I had told my alarm to wake me. I just guess that the nerves from the first day on work had woken me up. It was summer, and even though most English people would be wearing shorts, I was probably going to put on some jeans, I hated to freeze, and this weather was not hot for me at all. I sighed, and stretched my tired arms over my head. I was tired, but was not able to go back to sleep, so I pulled the duvet away, and was happily welcomed by hot air. I had been afraid that it had been terribly cold in my apartment, but it wasn't. Maybe because I had turned the heat up, just before I had went to bed. I made my way out of my room, and into the kitchen - I was still was wearing my oversized t-shirt. Actually I remembered it smaller, so it seemed like a nice thing that it looked bigger by now. It was not a place where you could have four people hanging out, while you were cooking, but two people would be fine, maybe the absolute maximum, three. I looked around, it was empty, which wasn't a surprise. My boxes with stuff stood on the floor in the living, except from one with kitchen stuff, and it stood right in front of me, on the floor. I was not in the mood for packing stuff out at all, but I was kind of forced to.
To light my morning mood up a bit, the first thing I did was to open all the boxes in the living room, and find my small speakers for my iPhone. I grabbed them and went back into the kitchen, where I placed it on the kitchen counter, plugged my iPhone in, and scrolled through my playlist. I choose to start playing; Good Girl - Carrie Underwood. I didn't know why, but the song had always made me happy. I turned to volume up loud, and danced a little around while I sang along with the song. While I was doing that I picked up stuff from the kitchen box. I didn't have much stuff, only a few pots and bans, some plates, glasses, cups and other necessary stuff. Now Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood was playing, and I realised that I had packed everything out. With a smile I rubbed my hands against each other, and sighed out in relief. Maybe this place wasn't too bad after all. 
I yawned loudly, and turned to look around to see if anyone heard it... But then I realised that I was alone. My brothers were not playing XBOX 360 in the living room. My mom was not out buying food, my dad was not reading the new paper on our iPad. No, I was alone. All by myself. An overwhelming feeling of loss ran through me, and I felt hopeless for some seconds, until I pulled myself together. I would be just fine. 

That morning I drank three cups of tea, but didn't have anything to eat, since I hadn't brought any food, only tea and spices. I decided to stop by some little breakfast place on my way to work, I could afford that today. I got dressed, slid some skintight black jeans on, a long sleeved grey shirt, with laces, and my old school black vans. I took a look in the mirror in my room, and found the results pretty okay. Not overwhelming, which was okay, since I didn't want to be overdressed for my first day. Though I had to admit that I did look good, I usually got told that I was a pretty girl. I put on some mascara, and a little powder, then I added some rouge to my cheekbones, just to make them more visible. The results were not bad. 
Before I headed out I grabbed my black Balenciaga Town bag, that I had gotten for my eighteens birthday, what a lucky girl I was. Outside it was... chilly when it came to me, and probably hot when it came to the English people. I shivered a little as a breeze flew into the streets of London. Though it wasn't the greatest summer weather, my head was in the clouds. I was so nervous, and hungry. 
After walking down some street my eyes caught a Starbucks, sweet mother of god. Starbucks. 
I ordered a chai latte - I had been drinking a lot this morning already - and a sandwich with eggs and bacon. I hurried to eat my breakfast, and grabbed the to-go Chai Latte. When I was out on the streets again, I noticed how beautiful it actually was. Huge trees were swaying in the early summer breeze, and the sun was breaking through the clouds. A smile appeared on my lips, as I breathed the smell of London in. The smell of freedom as well. But my ringtone coming from my phone in my pocket ripped me out of my daydreaming. I fast squeezed my right hand down in my pocket, grabbed the phone, slid to answer, and placed it close to my ear. "Hi, it's Amanda," I said, and took a sip of my Chai Latte that I was holding in my left hand. "Amanda, it's Lou. I was just wondering if you wanted me to pick you up?" She sounded happy, and I felt comfortable. "Oh, I'm already outside, getting some breakfast. I can just grab a cab or something. But it is nice of you to ask," I said, and let my eyes wander over the people passing me, and the cars on the street.

"Oh well, I'll see you at work, hun?"

"Sure, you will! And again, thanks for the offer!"

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