Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


4. First day

When I made it to the big building, with the double glass door, I couldn't help but stop and stare. The building had a beige color, and was in a oldish style. It looked really... British? Can you say that? Probably. Well, it was pretty, and the view over Hyde Park had to look amazing. For the first time, I felt nervousness set in for real. I breathed in deeply, praying in my silent mind that the guys in the band would be nice enough, I would hate it if they were a bunch of douchebags. I was well aware of the fact that they were at my age, and that they probably were attractive, I mean... Most famous people are. Don't you think I'm stupid, I knew who they were. I didn't remember exactly how they looked, so I wouldn't recognise them if I saw them on the street, but as far as I knew then they had made a huge hit called something with beautiful. I think it was: What makes you beautiful. 
But as I was about to say, they were probably smoking - like in smoking hot, not cigarettes or joints, but they were probably doing that as well... Oh, shit, sorry. Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if they were attractive. Though I enjoyed attractive guys more than most people I knew, I would never find it extremely weird to sleep with someone I worked for. They were like my bosses now, and that just seemed wrong somehow. I guess I had to try to focus on my job, instead of their looks.
I took one final deep breath, and took a step closer to the door, that opened up for me. Wow, really? I almost felt famous, walking into pretty building with glass walls that are opening for me, and security gards in the hall, and a woman with glasses behind a desk. 
I didn't know if I just should walk into the elevator to floor five, or if I should walk up to the woman. Her eyes met mine, and she smiled slightly. The smile seemed forced, but I tried not to mind. Instead I just walked straight to the elevators, without looking around in the room. I didn't want to look lost, which I wasn't, I was just new, and nervous. 
I pressed the button and it started to light in a slight yellow color. I could tell by the numbers over the elevator door which floor that the elevator was on, 5... 4, 3... 2... 1, and finally the doors opened. Like I always did, I stepped aside to let the people inside step out. But the only person I saw was a guy, a bit older than me. 

When our eyes met, my heart stopped beating, not because of emotions, but in clear shock. He just walked out, and passed me. I recognised him, I swore I did. But from where? I turned my head, and just as I had done that he did the same. I wrinkled my forehead, and fast looked away. 
Well... That was weird. 
I just had to figure out where I knew him from. The door in front of me were slowly closing, and I fast stepped inside, and pressed the button that said '5'. Some slow elevator music was playing, and I couldn't help but find it funny, but only for a short while. Cause when I stood there I tried hard to place the guy I just had seen, it had felt like deja vu. I wish that I could've had a few more seconds to look at him, maybe I would know then. I tried not to worry about it.
When the elevator stopped at floor five, I fast stepped out, afraid that the door might would close again, which was silly, cause they didn't close that fast. I was standing in a hall, like a hotel hall, with a carpet floor, and plenty lots of doors. I tried to remember what door it was that I had to find. I didn't really remember it, but as I walked down the hall I passed another glass door, with the number: 619, and I fast remembered it. This glass door was not with visible glass, all I could see was silhuettes on the other side. I nervously placed my fist close to the glass, and then I knocked. 



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