Across the ocean (15+)

It is usually no big deal for Zayn Malik to sleep with girls every now and then, but when one of his one night stands turns out to be one of One Direction's new make up artists, things turn out a little different than he had planned...


7. Chloé

I left early that day, but though I left early I had to hurry to make it to the cafe I had gotten a work in as well. I made it right on time. The place looked like it had done on the pictures. It was a cute place, lighted up, with small round tables in light brown wood. There was a little spiral staircase up to second floor, where there also were tables, and couches. I got a little cute white apron that I had to put on, and then one of the co-workers pulled me aside, to tell me all the rules and how to get everything done. My head was still in clouds, and I still felt like I was on something. It was a kind of rush, a rush of happiness. To be in a place like this. So far away from my home, yet so close to the dream of being away. I've always wanted to get away. Get my own little apartment in a beautiful city, a job I love, and to fall in love. Maybe London could help me with that. 
"So, you'll have to press this botton if they order dark coffee, and this one if they order medium," The so called Sophie said, and pointed at the black coffee machine. I just nodded, but to be honest my mind was somewhere else. Somewhere far away. 


Zayn's P.O.V: 

I closed my eyes, trying to picture her. Just to try to figure out where I knew her from. I sank down in my couch, with a cup of coffee in my right hand. All I knew what that I knew her, from somewhere. I just didn't know from where. Maybe she had been at a meet&greet? Or, no. She seemed so far from a fangirl, so I decided that it couldn't be from there. Maybe she had been in the first row at one of the concerts, no way. I wouldn't recognise her then. Maybe she was model, or well no. She was a petite girl, probably not tall enough to become a model. Though she was pretty.
My head was working hard, the wheels spinning and my teeth dug into my lower lip. I knew her, from somewhere. Her hair was dark, wavy. Like the ocean. Her eyes brown, like chocolate. or Bambi. Her waist was small, her boobs o... Wait. 


"I've been watching you all night," I whispered, as my lips were exploring the naked skin on her neck and shoulders. I could feel her lips pull up into a smirk. She was standing against the wall, with her hands grabbing the edge of my jeans, pulling me close to her. Our hips were grinding against each other. My right hand pulled the hairband out of her hair, and let her wavy brown hair fall down, framing her face. She looked beautiful, and I was drunk. So I could already feel where this was leading. She had her head thrown back, and let her fingers caress the skin on my hip, teasing me. "My hotel, now." I hissed against her skin, and grabbed her arm, pulling her away from the wall. She stumbled after me in her sky tall stilettos. Still I wondered how she could walk so perfectly in shoes like that. I must have been so hard. Her hand sneaked down in the pocket on my bum. I felt the shivers run down my spine. She was the worst tease ever, and she didn't seem nervous at all. This night would not be a night to regret.


My eyes flew wide open, and I snapped back into reality. My heart was racing, and I blinked fast a few times. Could it be? Really? I tried to picture the girl from that night two months ago, and it hit me that there was no way to try to run from it. It was her, and she was aware of if. The way that she had looked at me, and the way the atmosphere had been tense. She remembered it clearly. 
I took a deep breath, and turned to stare in my black coffee. What was I gonna do? Maybe it wasn't bad after all. Maybe it was fine, and it wouldn't bother any of us. Who was I fooling? I wouldn't be able to look at her without thinking back to the night where she had been moaning my name. 
Maybe I should try to talk to her tomorrow, cause we would be going to a photo shoot, and she would sure be there. I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself. 
How did it come that I felt so weird about this? I should just try to put it behind me, and treat her like any other person. "Shit," I muttered, and kept staring at my reflection in black coffee. 


Amanda's P.O.V:


"Hey!" A girls voice sounded from behind, making me spin around. "You must be the new girl," The girl that was talking to me was a bit taller than me, not a lot. She had straight blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cute smile. "Yeah, that's me," I smiled, and reached my hand out for her. She politely took it, and shook it. "Chloé," She said. "Like the brand?" I asked, and could see her light up in a big smile. "Exactly, like the brand!". I could already feel the chemistry, and it made me relax. I would fit in in this town. "I'm Amanda," I said, and let go of her hand. "Like... A brand that we'll make up!" Chloé smiled, and I just laughed. "The new Chanel!" I said, and she laughed along. 


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